5 food fads in Singapore that died quietly in the last few years…


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 1:07 pm

Do you remember how you used to queue up for 15mins just to get a piece of Krispy Kreme? Do you know that you don’t have to queue to get Krispy Kreme in Singapore anymore?

With the rise of the artisanal cafes in Singapore bringing about new varieties of food to Singaporeans once in a while, people have long forgotten the things that they used to queue up for back in the days. How many of you were guilty of feeding these trends that had become things of the past?

Bubble Tea

In the early 2000s, bubble tea was totally the “in” thing for Singaporeans. Ranging from Sweet Talk that sells $1.50 milk tea and $2.50 Oreo milkshakes, to the rise of Taiwanese brands such as Koi or Gong Cha.

We used to love the extensive selection of a refreshing cup of bubble tea one can get at almost any neighbourhood back then. They have a long list of flavours available, often leaving you spoilt for choice. It seems like at some point in time, most of us were addicted to those black tapioca-based pearls that accompany the bubble tea, although there were rumours that it can cause cancer…

Tau Huay

Singaporean loves Tau Huay – not the traditional ones with syrup but the new, sweet and silky ones like Lao Ban! Being the first stall that offers this kind of modern Tau Huay, you can always spot its long queue at the Old Airport Road Hawker Center, where people will go there specially just to buy like 5 bowls of it.

But not anymore now.


With the rise of new Lao Ban stalls at various places such as malls or MRT stations, there are also Lao Ban competitors that offer more and more innovative flavours of Tau Huay, such as durian or mango. Queue time now: literally none.


There used to be queues for donuts, when donuts are not just sweet sugar rings anymore but those glazed with chocolate toppings or fillings. Dunkin’ Donuts, Donut Factory and Chewy Junior have you ever queued for any one of these when they were first to be in trend in Singapore?

Just when we thought that the donut craze has died down, here comes Krispy Kreme, where you spend almost $3 for some overly sweet sugar overdose glazed donuts! It somehow just shows how Singaporeans love to queue for anything and everything under the sun, as long as they see one. Even if it’s not the cheapest ones, they queue for the most popular ones.

But as usual, no more queue for now and there is even a new branch in Jurong Point… which I really doubt how they sell off all their donuts at the end of the day! It’s so expensive!



Do you remember walking down the neighbourhood and getting attracted to the aroma of some coffee buns? Oh, those were the days, where Rotiboy was so famous that everyone who walked past it couldn’t resist the temptation to buy one.

It was also so famous that it attracted a lot of copycats, ranging from Rotimum to PapaRoti to Rotipapa – seriously, what’s with the name? But today, none of these exists anymore, except maybe the last one standing at IMM. Want some Rotiboy? Head to the JB Woodlands custom and you will find one right outside before entering City Square Mall~

Frozen Yogurt

I don’t know who spread the rumour that froyo was actually healthier than ice-cream. I guess that is the cause of the trend where different frozen yogurt stalls entered Singapore. Froyo, Sogurt, Yami Yogurt, Frolick – just how many of them are surviving now? Hardly. But what’s new? LLAO LLAO! We have seen people queueing for up to an hour just to get a cup of frozen yogurt, topped with seasonal fruits to cereals and crunch and whatnots.

Now I really wonder when the hype would die down… soon I guess!!! P.S.: Have you seen the queue at NTU? There is almost none, but it used to go as long as 50-60 people at once, a few months back. Out of these, which one do you miss the most? For me, it’d definitely be those aromatic Rotiboy!!

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