5 foods Singaporeans definitely order when they’re in a fast-food restaurant

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Visiting a fast food restaurant may be one of the most satisfying things that one can do in life. The food available at these places may indeed be unhealthy, but why not enjoy a guilty pleasure once in awhile. Here are 5 items that everyone definitely has tried ordering when they are at a fast food restaurant

McSpicy Burger from McDonald’s
The McSpicy burger is one thing synonymous with growing up as a child in Singapore. This burger is usually one of the must eat items when you visit a McDonald’s restaurant and as a child, many have been dared to order this and eat it without drinking any beverages to douse the fiery heat of the spicy chicken patty in the burger. Many Singaporeans crave this delicious torture when they are overseas as there is none that has a much spicier kick than this burger, sometimes nicknamed the McLaosai for its ability to make one’s tummy upset with its hellfire hotness..

2-piece Chicken from KFC
One of life’s simple pleasures agreed by many is to be able to tuck into the tender and juicy fried chicken from KFC. With its secret blend of herbs and spices that make it so tasty, it is easy to see why many Singaporeans order it whenever they visit a KFC outlet. The fried chicken prepared by our mothers and grandmothers usually pale in comparison to this tempting dish.

Chicken Value Combo from Long John Silver
The value combo meals from Long John Silver are some of the most affordable and delicious fast food options that can be found in Singapore. Many of us fondly remember our days as students with a tight budgets and the value combo meals are the best choice for those who wish to enjoy fast food without burning a hole in our pockets.

Hawaiian Pizza
The Hawaiian pizza, despite its weird combination of ham and pineapples, is a favourite with many of us due to its tangy and savory mix of flavours. As we grow older and we get exposed to more varieties of pizzas, the Hawaiian pizza will always have a special place in our hearts and stomachs and it is usually one of the two pizzas that will be ordered in a two pizza combo meal.

Any Ice Cream from McDonald’s
McDonald’s has one of the widest varieties of sweet treats for those who wish to have a little dessert after their meals and their ice creams are some of the most popular out there. There is always debate between whether the $1 cone, McFlurry or the Sundae as being the most delicious and affordable dessert that one can find, but all we know is this: almost everyone has bought an ice-cream there whenever they place their order..

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