5 foods you must buy when visiting a pasar malam


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 1:55 pm

Pasar malams always had a wide variety of food for sale. From the usual Ramly burgers to more unique offerings being sold in recent years, one can get too caught up walking around the night market and end up empty-handed. Here are some things you must buy when visiting a pasar malam.

Ramly Burger
Hold a conversation about pasar malams and Ramly burgers are usually mentioned within the first three sentences. The Malay-style burger brand is a mainstay in pasar malams islandwide and it’s almost sacrilegious to not buy one when you’re strolling through the aisles.

Like the Middle Eastern wrap but not willing to fork out the cash for overpriced options in restaurants here? Pasar malams have got you covered. These are normally sold for a third of what one kebab would cost you in a restaurant and they probably even taste the same, or better.

Deep fried Oreos
You’d normally only see these on TV but they are slowly becoming available in pasar malams here. Dusted with icing sugar, they are a great snack but be prepared for an intense workout the next day, you’re eating deep-fried Oreo cookies after all.

Tutu kueh
The steamed cake appeals to anyone, young or old. If the usual shaved coconut filling isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for a chocolate or peanut filling, amongst others. Watching the stall assistant prepare your tutu kueh is surprisingly fun to watch as well.

Tornado potato sticks
The Korean snack has made its way to Singaporean pasar malams, to the delight of many. Think French Fries but on a stick. It’s visually appealing too, with a whole potato being sliced like a slinky toy and skewered on a stick.


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