5 Funniest Stories That Occurred During Grenade Throwing in BMT


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 12:11 pm

Most of us only get to throw grenade once in our lives. If we were to think back to our grenade throwing experience, most of us will probably remember how nerve-wracking and scary the entire experience was. Read on to hear about the 5 funny stories that we heard about grenade throwing during BMT.

What did I throw?
There was a guy, who was so nervous that despite going through the many drills of throwing grenade, he plucks out the pin from the grenade and threw the pin away. We were always asked to retain the grenade pin and reminded of how important it is that we never lose it, so the guy asked his pc if he could hold on to the grenade for him while he goes and retrieve the pin.

Oops, it just slipped out.
I have heard about a recruit who was so nervous he could not hold on to his grenade properly. When he drew back his arm, the live grenade slipped out of his hands and landed behind him. Luckily, it felt into the pit dug right behind the platform and his platoon commander and they were able to escape from the incident without injuries.

Pikachu, I choose you
There is a set of procedures to follow while throwing a live grenade. We have heard this story of a joker yelling “Pikachu, I choose you!” when throwing his grenade. While funny at first, he was no longer laughing when he got charged.

What was I supposed to pass you again?
When you pluck out your grenade pin, you are supposed to pass the pin to the commander standing beside you, usually your platoon commander. We have heard of how this guy passed his grenade over instead of his pin. Imagine the scare you’ll have when a live and primed grenade is thrust into your hands, and then realize that no, you still have to be in the bay to oversee the throwing of grenades after this particular recruit.

Stop poking my grenade pouch
Everyone will definitely experience this; there will always be a daredevil within the section who will poke at your grenade pouch while walking towards the waiting area behind the grenade throwing bays just to see your reactions. While not funny at first, this walk will become a funny memory that follows you for your entire life when you think back about it.


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