5 good reasons why a guy and a girl cannot be best friends


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

It’s pretty common in movies and novels for a girl to have a best male friend. When she is depressed, angry or simply wants company, that male friend will be there, like a sister to the girl.

But that’s merely the beginning of that movie.

Usually, at the later part of the movie, we’ll come to realize that the guy is actually having a crush with that girl for years, and he’s just doing the noble thing of “I just want to make her happy.”

In other words, even movies have sort of told us that it’s impossible for a guy and girl of roughly the same age to be best friends. In reality, here are six reasons!

1. The problems we face are different
A girl having a girl as a best friend means she can tell her everything about her heavy days during her period, the urges she has when she sees a hot man or about her  hair (not just on the head). Imagine a girl telling a close male friend about her trimming her hair…not on the head, but on somewhere else. Can the man take it?

2. Society has not “approved” it yet
So, you go out with your best male friend for a movie. When you see a friend, what would your friend think? Oh, that must be her boyfriend. That thought would still occur even if you’re not holding hands: You become a couple just by been seen by others. I’m pretty sure not only would that be embarrassing, but for those who are single, it would also drastically decrease your chances of finding a boyfriend / girlfriend.


3. You can’t post images of the both of you together
It’s an extension of #2, but moving it from offline to online. Would you want your crush to think that you’re attached when you’re not?

4. You can’t have a real girls’ talk or men’s talk
Like, bitching about one of your classmates. Or insulting another classmate’s fashion sense. You see, these girls’ talks are only enjoyable when it’s all girls. A man will spoil everything.
I’m quite certain it goes the same for men’s talk, too.

5. Hormones might get in the way
Everyone has desire. What if you bring your best guy friend home alone, and one of you suddenly has a…desire? Would the both of you take off your clothes and make out in the bed, and eventually, turn from best buddy to f*** buddy? Now, that escalates fast, but you’ve got to admit (if you’re a mature person) that it would happen.

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