5 Hacks To Warm Yourself Up When Your Office Is Colder Than Antarctica

In a sweltering country, stepping into your cool office after wiggling your way out of the jam-packed bus, or crawling out of a traffic jam often feels like your first steps into heaven.


Yet it seems like sometimes our offices’ air-conditioning systems may have overdone the cooling because a moment later it feels like heaven has disappeared and hell is freezing over.


Here are a few ways to make a smooth transition from the humid version of Sahara Desert outside, to your Antarctica office. #MalaysianProblems, much?

1.  Warm your kopi!


First up, keep your coffee warm!

The Styrofoam cup that I get my kopi in keeps heat for, an hour max. Once I pop the lid off, it becomes Kopi Peng without the Peng. So I invested in a thermal flask kind-of device because I am a slow sipper.

Rakuten, from Japan, carries some great brands like THERMOS, with flasks that keep your liquids warm all day.

thermos-flask1000ml Thermos Flask with Pouch – RM73.90


Thermos Foogo Insulated Straw Bottle 0.355L – RM90.10

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Add a pop of color to your desk with the THERMOS Foogo Bottle, or if you’re going for simplicity, the THERMOS Flask is a really classic addition to your workspace.


There are so many different ways of enjoying your coffee but most importantly, everyone should invest in keeping it warm throughout the day. There’s nothing like hot coffee to defrost your freezing self.


2.  Warm your feet!

I’m not sure if a lot of us practice changing footwear when we actually work because prodding around in flip-flops sure beats heels.


Instead of keeping an extra pair of slippers under your desk, keep a pair of comfy pumps or flats that will compliment any outfit and any temperature. 

melissa-flats melissa-flats-1

Melissa Ballet IV Flats – RM269 (Get 20% discount at the checkout)

Always wanted to be a Ballerina?

I chanced upon this really pretty pair of ballet flats from Melissa on ZALORA. You can look good and smell good with Melissa flats because they come with a signature bubble-gum scent!

zalora-shoesThere are plenty of affordable flats to choose from at ZALORA at such affordable prices. Where can you get a pair of quality pumps below RM30? Only at ZALORA!

3.  Warm your body!


Leave your kimono cardigans and drapes at home, unless they’re to make a fashion statement. If you really want to keep warm, invest in layers that actually function as sweaters.

parisian-jumperInner Circle Parisian Tristian Jumper – RM59

This pullover is a steal as you get 20% at the checkout. Warm and trendy, you can match it with any outfit.

oh-bananaOh Banana Stripe Knit Top – RM59

Make a statement with your outfit, and I’m not just talking about a fashion statement. There are so many choices of pullovers and sweaters to pick from and you can buy them all with free shipping and other online offers on ZALORA.

Oh, and lets not forget the fantastic sale ZALORA is having this season, with UPSIZED CASHBACK for new customers. Click below to view the sale!



4.  Warm your hands!

 minion-handsminion-pillowminionNewly Minions Pillow Warm Hand Blanket Single Eye Yellow  – RM85

bear-warmer bear-warm

Brown Bear Pillow – RM45 (Usual price: RM 99)

These cute plushie-pillows are cute enough to just hug or to warm your hands in! Only from Lazada, you can brighten up your workspace with a cheery minion or a sweet bear to hug everyday.

You know what’s even cuter?

hand-warmer hand-warm

USB Hand Warmer – RM21.85 (Usual price: RM121.55)

Grab on to these babies and plug them via a USB cable to warm your hand! If your hand freezes easily, this would be really helpful when you work on the computer all day long. Plus they have a 82% discount from Lazada!

5.  Warm your cup!

And while we’re on the topic all things cute — after you’re done with your coffee and you start on your tea or even just warm water, you can ensure it stays heated with this little cup-warmer.

mug-warmerIt’s like a little hotplate! Itemvan.com

You can grab one at prices starting from RM19.25 at Lazada. All you have to do is plug the USB cable into your computer and place your cup on the hotplate! It’ll have your colleagues crowding over your “new toy”! 

Plus, Lazada is holding a sale so huge, it’ll get you all hot and bothered. Click below to check it out!


And if all of the above still doesn’t work, you can just be sneaky and steal remote control to the air-con …


Featured image source: Reddit.com


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