5 hidden amazingly beautiful places in S’pore you never knew exist

While Singapore is relatively small, here exist several hidden beautiful places that can only be accessed, usually, via cars. If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, and intend to see another side of Singapore, why not make your way to one of these places?

Jurong Lookout Tower 

jurong tower
Image: straitstimes.com

Located at the top of Jurong Hill, there used to be a restaurant at the lowest level that is now under renovation. To get there, you need to drive an Initial-D-style road up a hill, pass by two gantries and park at the top of the hill. What’s interesting and beautiful is not the tower itself—it the view you can get. You won’t see the whole of Singapore, but you get to see droplets of lights you’ve never imagined exist in Singapore.  

Punggol Ranch

punggol ranch
Image: tnp.sg

Like horses? Like riding? In such a small city, horse-riding is a challenge: unless you go to Punggol Ranch. Over here, which is apparently the farthest of the northeast, you’ll think that you’re transported to another country in another era. You’ll see horses and you can even learn how to ride one. That’s so 1800s, and so hidden.  

Wheeler’s Yard

wheeler's yard
Image: wheelersyard.com

Since it has entered the top 10 (or even top 5) Instagram-worthy places to go, we need not introduce this too much, right? In other words, this hidden beautiful place is no longer hidden, but it sure is still beautiful. If you want to more pictures of it, just go to your Instagram lah.

Haji Lane 

haji lane1
Image: thecuriouslondoner.com

It’s hip, it’s young and it’s full of things you can’t find anywhere. Looking for good cafes without air-con? Here it is. Looking for handmade pencil cases? There it is. It’s hidden in a sense that it’s within a pretty narrow lane (think pasar malam but with real shops instead)—but you can still walk there from Bugis MRT Station.  

Farmart Centre

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

When driving over there, you’ll wonder whether you’re in a deserted road in Malaysia or still in Singapore. Located near Chu Choa Kang, it’s a to-go place for pet lovers whereby you can walk around and see all sorts of dogs, dog food and dog toys. You’ll also get to interact with the animals there, from small rabbits to big cows.

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