5 hidden facts behind the life of a Kpop star that shows success isn’t all glamor and glitz

Walk into any Harvey Norman store and you’ll see Kpop girl groups strutting on stage, smiling and dancing as their main job. Tune onto any entertainment news and you’ll see Kpop stars making millions at the age of 20s, while we’re still struggling to make our first $100,000.

You’ll most likely catch yourself thinking, “I wish I was like them, dancing and singing for millions of dollars.” But take a look behind their glamorous life, and you might find that not everything’s as perfect as it seemed on stage.

Here’s 5 hidden facts about the life of a Kpop star that might just make you go thanks, but no thanks if you’re ever offered a chance to live out the Kpop dream.

Away for a long time from families
Even at the age of 20, most of us can’t fathom living away from our family, unable to see them for months, if not years on end. Some of us might even break down crying during our confinement week in NS. These Kpop stars you see strutting around on stage moved to the dorms at a very young age and couldn’t visit their families often. Coupled with the fact that South Korea is a huge country and you’ll come to realize how rare these Kpop stars can visit their families.

Training almost 24/7
If you ask anyone what they love the most about Kpop dances, it’ll be their looks, their songs and the way they synchronized their group dances, right? To get everything so perfect on stage means countless hours of practice behind stage. Kpop stars have their daily practices which lasts an average 10 hours, and when they might just continue with their dance practice in the dorm after that.

Restrictions on lifestyle
If you’ve ever thought NS sucks because of the many restrictions placed on your usual lifestyle, imagine how much worst it is for Kpop trainees. They can’t date, they have a curfew that must be kept to or their contract will be voided, and their location is keep tracked of at all times. That’s almost enough to drive a sane person insane, wouldn’t you say?

Insane diet and fitness regime
Kpop stars’ six packs and sexy bodies on stage is the result of food restrictions and crazy workout routines. This means apple diet, banana diet, water diet, etc. A former member of the Singapore-Korean girl group said she and her members were forced not to consume any carbohydrates.

You might not be selected
Now imagine, after going through all that for a chance to debut, you did not make the cut. The tension and the infighting between friends, friends who have been by your side encouraging you and suffering together with you we might add, just for the chance to debut; all these add up to create an insane pressure on you and has led many to drop away from the life of a well-known celebrity.