5 hotel scams that every S’porean should know

A vacation can be fun, but the entire experience can be spoilt if you unfortunately got cheated of your money.

So other than doing the necessary research on places of interest to visit and planning your itinerary, what else do you have to know? Here are 5 hotel scams that all fellow travelers have to know before they even embarked on their trips.

Delivery Menu Scam

Imagine this, you’re tired after a long day out and you happen to see a delivery menu. A simple dinner in your hotel room sounds great, especially since you can’t be bothered to get dress and go out again.

You call the number, give your credit card number and wait for the food to arrive; except that the food didn’t arrive, and the con-artists walk away with your credit card information.

So this is what we suggest, check with the front desk for reputable food delivery restaurants or do a quick search on Google for the restaurant. If the restaurant appears on reputable review sites, chances are it exists; as a bonus, you’ll see how good the food is as well.

If not, we’d highly suggest you go for room service. True it’s a bit more expensive, but that’s better than just signing a blank check away to credit card thieves, right?

Wi-Fi scam

Singaporeans are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi, not only are they good for us to connect to Facebook and Instagram, they’re also great for us to WhatsApp and internet call our loved ones back in Singapore.

But beware, sometimes the free Wi-Fi you detect in your hotel room might not be provided by the hotel. By connecting to this Wi-Fi, you’re exposing your personal details such as usernames and passwords to these scammers.

Next time, verify at the front desk if there’s any free Wi-Fi and if there are, to be sure to use the correct one; these Wi-Fi connections are usually password protected. And never, ever click on any Wi-Fi connection that’s not verified with the front desk.

Front Desk scam

No, we’re not saying that front desks of hotels carry out scams (but we’re not saying they don’t) but sometimes, you’d get a call from the front desk late at night to inform you about an error in your credit card transaction.

Blearily wiping sleep from your eyes, you’d give your credit card information over the phone and go back to sleep. But the call you received might not be from the front desk, but thieves calling from an untraceable phone line to steal your information.

Never ever give your personal information over the phone and instead, if there’s a need, go down to the front desk to verify the situation with the front desk personnel. It might be more troublesome, but you’d thank us.

Beach view scam

So you want to go to a resort to lepak and what better way to do it than to get a room facing the sea. But when you get to your room, you realized that it’s not facing the sea at all.

Yes, it’s a room facing the beach but they never told you about this building between your hotel and the sea. It’s not a major issue, but it’ll still mar your entire vacation experience.

Before making any bookings, visit the place! No, you don’t have to fly there personally, but use Google Earth to check the surroundings or just do a quick search online for reviews of the place you’re looking to stay at such as TripAdvisor.

Minibar scam

Imagine this: you’re in a country where you’re not sure if the water is safe to drink, and some hotels deliberately misled you by warning you against drinking the water, even if it’s safe. You’d be forced to buy from the minibar in the room, which can cost quite a fortune.

Sometimes, the water bottles has no price tags, leading you to think that it’s provided for you FOC (I mean, it’s possible right? This could be their standards of service since they are aware that the water is not drinkable) until you check out and realize you’ve racked up quite a hefty bill in drinks alone.

So do your research, not just on the reputation of the hotel nor the places of interest to visit in your destination, but also on things like whether the water is safe to drink, and if not, whether there’s any place nearby you can buy huge bottles of water at cheaper prices.

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