5 Hottest Newcasters In Singapore

If you, like many other Singaporeans, don’t have the habit of watching the news on a daily basis and instead, get your news from various social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, there is one thing you must know. You are completely missing out on some serious eye candy by not glueing your eyes to the television screen every day from 930PM to 10PM.

Wang Zheng

zhen wang
Image: fameimages.com

Wang Zheng may be from China but she is probably more talented in the language department compared to most Singaporeans due to her bilingualism. The attractive Channel 8 newscaster joined Mediacorp in 2005 and used to be Channel News Asia’s Shanghai correspondent.
Do you know how the news anchors of Channel News Asia reports the news? Yeah, it sounds that sexy.

Tung Soo Hwa

tung soo hua
Image: findsingapore.net

Tung Soo Hwa has been reporting the news on Channel 8 since the TCS days, before Mediacorp was established. She is a highly respected news anchor in Singapore, mainly for her skills in news reporting and in never ageing.

Zhao Quan Yin

zhao quan yin
Image: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

Zhao joined Mediacorp in 2008 as a reporter after graduating from the Communication University of China and has since been promoted to a news anchor on Channel 8. Her name has appeared on various “hottest newscasters” lists online and this list is no exception. She even has her own Facebook page!

Glenda Chong

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Glenda Chong broke the Internet when clips of her speaking in Hokkien and adjusting her clip-on mic were shared on social media. In 2008, Chong left for Shanghai to work as Channel News Asia’s Shanghai correspondent and only returned to Singapore in 2011. She currently co-hosts Primetime Asia and is the news anchor for Primetime World.

Hazlina Abdul Halim

Image: imgarcade.com

What is better than being bilingual? Being multilingual of course! Hazlina Abdul Halim of Suria can speak three languages, namely English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Melayu, and teaches at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Business when she is not busy being on screen.