5 interesting facts about Chinese zombies (僵尸) you might have forgotten

Remember those old school movies from Hong Kong about Chinese zombies, aka Jiang Shi, that were ever so popular. Well, the trend has since died down but here are some things you should know about them.

They are dead
Unlike vampires, Chinese zombies are literally dead corpses that are usually dead for very long. This explains the name ‘jiangshi’ where jiang means stiff because the dead bodies are hard and cold and shi means corpse.

Living people can be made into zombies
Legend has it that and living person that has been injured by a Chinese zombie will slowly die of the ‘zombie virus’ and become a zombie after he dies.

They move around by jumping
Due to their stiffness, they can’t walk or run or even talk. Sounds they make are unidentifiable. All they can do is jump in a stiff manner with both arms stretched out in front. Their legs, arms and body remain straight even while jumping.

They are scared of many things
It may be quite difficult to destroy a Chinese zombie but surprisingly, they are scaredy-cats. From mirrors, wood form peach trees, jujube seeds to a rooster’s call, fire and black dog’s blood, zombies avoid all of these. The list actually still goes on but those are the more common items.

They suck life out of the living
Nope, zombies do not suck blood like vampires. As I mentioned, they do not need to survive as they are already dead. They do not need food or water. In fact, their only aim is to come back to the living. To do that, they need to suck enough qi (air) from the living so that their corpse has enough living qi. This is why they go around sucking air out of people’s mouths and lungs. However, the living people with the qi gone will die in their stead.

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