5 Interesting Facts About The 24km Route March in Mainland Singapore


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:25 pm

The 24km route march is the graduating route march that all physically fit recruits has to go through before they can pass out from Basic Military Training.

In the past, the 24km route march for recruits in BMT is in Pulau Tekong but it has since been changed to mainland Singapore where recruits walked from Changi Ferry Terminal to F1 Paddock.

Other than the fact that the Pulau Tekong BMT Passing out Parade is held at the floating platform, are there any other things that we know about the 24km route march?

Read on to find out about the 5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the 24km route march in mainland Singapore.

1. The route from Changi to City Hall is the exact same route POWs in the past were forced to walk. The rationale behind walking this route is to symbolize that we will no longer remember the route of POWs, but of proud Singaporean soldiers.

2. The route march in mainland Singapore also serves to show the recruits the many landmarks of Singapore and remind them of what they are fighting for.


3. According to the information obtained from Mindef website, the rest points for the route march are now spaced 3km apart instead of 4km in the past.

4. At the first two rest points, instead of looking at trees in the forest, you can now look at planes taking off from Changi Airport while taking your rest.

5. This cannot be confirmed, but the 24km route march in might be 25.189km.

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