5 Korean Cold Noodles Makan Places in S’pore That Are Perfect for Kim Jong-un

Discussion has arisen surrounding the unprecedented peace summit that is due to happen in Singapore; will North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-un seek solace in this sweltering Singaporean heat? Is the Singaporean palate too eclectic for his liking? Most importantly, will our Rendang be too crispy for his taste? Okay fine, overdue buzzword is overdue. But I digress, with the abundance of harvest North Korea experiences all year round, you can only imagine how broad of a spectrum North Korea cuisines stretch for.

With the Supreme leader’s welfare in mind, before he gets utterly unimpressed at the totally authentic chains of Korean BBQ outlets, here’s a list of top naengmyeon or Korean Cold Noodles that’ll no doubt make even Kim Jong-un feel at home.

Afterall, it is only his 4th trip out of North Korea since he assumed office, so let’s all be a little accommodating.

Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ

korean cold noodles
Image Credit: Alpha | Flickr

Where: 71 Loewen Road, #01-01, 248847

Supreme leader Kim might just denounce North Korea and name Singapore as his domicile after tasting this bowl of cold yet al dente strands of buckwheat noodles bathed in a bowl of cold broth. The perfect resolution to the heat of a midsummer night. In all seriousness, if you’re looking for somewhere premium, a place nestled in the upscale side of town, Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ is the place to head to. As the name suggests, if you’re not a fan of cold noodles, opt for their premium cuts of meat to go with this cold dish!

There might not be a need for him to make a table reservation but for us, commoners, secure your seats with Quandoo today!

Hansik Korean Restaurant

korean cold noodles
Image Credit: Michelle | Flickr

Where: Level 2, Heartland Mall, 205 Hougang Street 21, 530205

Cooked noodles in an ice cold broth is still very much an outlandish culinary field to us Singaporeans. Coined as the national dish of North Korea, some might be thrown off by the idea of a chilly broth but you’ll be baffled by how well the tartness of the soup couples with the chilled nature of this dish! Hansik Korean Restaurant is another renowned establishment that does this dish justice at a mere affordable price point. Traditional Korean side dishes are also commonly ordered in this restaurant, particularly the stew dishes!

Gaia Korean Restaurant

korean cold noodles
Image Credit: shandythomas | Instagram

Where: 17E Lorong Liput, 277731

The Korean cold noodles often come in one huge bundle, with intended purposes; the noodles are often left uncut as a symbolism for the longevity of life and good health. Explains why the man himself presented to President Moon a bowl of this noodle as goodwill upon the union of the nation’s halves. Gaia Korean Restaurant is amongst the very few Korean restaurants in Singapore that serve bibim-naengmyeon, the spicy rendition of the formally mentioned. Opened by Chef Chun, Gaia Korean Restaurant has been critically acclaimed by numerous local publications. Hailed by many pub-goers, this is the perfect pig-out spot in the midst of a boozy Holland Village.

HoHo Korean Restaurant

korean cold noodles
Image Credit: cj_jiakjiakjiak | Instagram

Where: 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-58/60, 120106

SPOILER: HoHo Korean Restaurant is also on Foodpanda if Sunset Way is a bus trip too far for you!

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It may seem like we’re giving the Supreme leader (and the readers) an option too many for a simple concoction of noodles and broth, topped with the token slices of meat and vegetables. But bear with us, we’re almost at the end. HoHo Korean Restaurant is one that stands out in this list; opened by a Korean family, you can expect authenticity at the very least. HoHo Korean Restaurant’s impeccable service is not to be dismissed, with high praises coming from customers, a perfect hideaway from the bustle to end a long weekend if you ask me!

Cho-Won Garden Korean Restaurant

korean cold noodles
Image Credit: Alpha | Flickr

Where: 2, Peck Seah Street, 079305

Another portrait of the stainless-steel bowl, the recurring presence of buckwheat noodles and lightly colored broth. We promise you this is the last, Supreme leader Kim Jong-un. If your stay extends beyond the 5 Korean cold noodle places we’ve recommended for each day of your stay here, please exercise revisiting.

Cho-Won Garden Korean Restaurant is said to be the most popular amongst the Koreans living in Singapore. You know what they say – eat where the locals (Koreans) dine to live like a local. Given the authenticity of the food, this is the closest you’ll ever get to experience Korea in Singapore.

Don’t leave on an empty stomach

As Trump seeks to placate Supreme leader Kim Jong-un in the now-uncertain peace summit, perhaps this dearly drawn up listicle of the best Korean Cold Noodles in Singapore could prove to be enticing enough for him to bestow our land with his presence.

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