5 most beautiful and unique MRT stations that you didn’t notice

When it comes to MRT stations, Singaporeans only focus on one thing: how far is it from where they live or work?

Usually, they forget how beautiful some of them look. Maybe today, you could take a break from that fast-paced journey and enjoy the view of these beautiful and unique MRT stations—stations that we’re sure even if you’re in them every day, you won’t know how pretty they look from the outside!

Expo MRT Station

expo mrt station
Image: penta-ocean.co.jp

When it comes to the designer of this MRT station, you better don’t play play—it’s designed by world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster. To be honest, we don’t know how good he is, but since it’s a “Sir” instead of a “Mr”, he must be some big shot.

Stadium MRT Station

staduim mrt station
Image: greatnewplaces.com

It’s really unclear what attracts us to this station—is it that minimalistic design, or that it’s so different from other stations? Or maybe it’s that super-high-until-balloon-cannot-be-retrieved ceiling? Whatever it is, here, it’s definitely less is more.

Marina Bay MRT Station

Image: e-architect.co.uk

Look that that. It’s designed by one of the five largest international architectural firms in the world, Aedas. Just take a look at their logo and you’ll know there’s a reason why they feed on design and creativity.

Dover MRT Station

dover mrt station
Image: bca.gov.sg

Once you see this, one word would usually come to you: bullet. The shape itself is unlike the common pitch roof designs you see in most MRT stations, and the colour structure just screams “I’m from the future!”

Raffles Place MRT Station

raffles place mrt station
Image: streetdirectory.com

It’s an underground station, so it’s more of one of the exits that stand out. And of course it has to be this—not only does it remind you that we were once a British colony, it also connotes a stressful life in Singapore (because TV drama always shows people chewing their food hurriedly near there).

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