5 Most Effective Ways to Kill the Flying Cockroach in Your Room Without Touching It


Last Updated on 2021-07-17 , 3:54 pm

There are only two reasons why you decided that you can no longer stay in your room: it’s either haunted, or there’s a flying cockroach in it that flies everywhere except out of the room.

A flying cockroach is one harmless insect that can make the bravest commando scream, yet it is so common that we’ve encountered one at least once every year. Most of the times, when we encounter such, we’ll just leave the room and hope for the best. But there are actual solutions to this annoying problem!

1. Spray insecticide in your room and shut all doors and windows

Just spray as much as you want; the odour is overbearing to you, but it is fatal to them. After that, close the door and windows, and leave the room for about thirty minutes. When you go back, ventilate the room and find its corpse.

You’re essentially suffocating it.

2. Spray insecticide in your room, close the door and let the windows open

To cite an example, imagine you’re in a room and it’s filled with fart. What do you do? Leave the room, right? That’ll be the case for the poor flying cockroach.

Fill the room with insecticide, leave an exit for it to escape and wait for ten minutes. After that, you’ll come back to a room free of insecticide and any flying bugs (they’ll all have flown out of the window!).

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3. Suck it with a vacuum

If you’ve got portable ones meant for cars, it’ll be better. While you’ll still have to go face-to-face with the flying cockroach, you’re now equipped with something while it’s not armed.

Now, just power up your sucker and point it at that damn flying bug. For better effect with a pun, shout, “Take it, sucker!” For some, the flying cockroach might not be devoured into the vacuum, but got stuck in the mouth of your vacuum. Just go to an area where you would like to dispose of the cockroach of, off the vacuum and run like hell.

4. Pour water on it

Every flying cockroach needs a rest after a while. When it has landed somewhere, grab a pail of water and splash it on the bug. With the heavy weight of the water (it’s not much to us, but to the small bug, it feels like a tsunami), it might not be able to fly for a while. Kill it with a newspaper while it’s handicapped!

5. Call for help

True story: a female friend once called a male friend for help. The male friend rode over, killed the flying cockroach, they had coffee together and a week later, they officially dated. Having a cockroach in your room couldn’t be a bad thing after all.


If, for some reason, you’d like to know more about cockroaches, watch this video to the end (if you dare, that is):

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