5 Most Haunted Estates in Singapore

Most Singaporeans would have grown up with plenty of ghost stories of Old Changi Hospital, the Red House, and the Yellow Tower in East Coast Park to tell but majority of these places are often very out of the way and are not places that people frequent.

Of course, these buildings aren’t the only haunted places in Singapore. Sometimes the history of a certain neighbourhood might send chills down your spine too. Read on to find out if your neighbourhood made the cut of the most haunted estates in the country.


The joke that most people make about Jurong is that it is so ulu that even ghosts won’t go there but did you know that this neighbourhood in the West side of Singapore is a hotspot for many ghostly encounters and sightings?

Jurong used to be a swamp and a marshland before it was developed into the bustling town that it is today. A number of residents have reported seeing shadowy figures loitering around the hallways of their flats and a pair of eyes spying on them from the ceiling as they showered.


Second on the list is Bedok – a neighbourhood with way too many ghost stories to speak of. The most popular and well-known story would be the one of a woman whose husband was unfaithful to her. The woman was so stricken with grief that she took the life of her young son before throwing herself out of the window of their HDB flat. Naturally, the two-timing husband took a new wife shortly after and the son he had with his young wife often complained about being bullied by a boy who called himself his older brother.


In the early days of Singapore, Sembawang was the home to Nee Soon Rubber Estate where hundreds of rubber trees were planted and if you knew anything about what people say about rubber trees, you would know what creatures reside in such trees.

When the entire rubber plantation was demolished to make way for HDB flats, these spirits remained and went on to haunt the new residents of Sembawang. These potianaks are known to lay in wait for unsuspecting residents to pass them before calling out their names and luring them the shadows.


The residents of Bishan would not be surprised to hear that the current Bishan MRT station is built on land that used to house the Peck San Theng cemetery. Even though it is one of the most populated neighbourhoods in Singapore, ghost sightings, even in the day are common.

In the 1990s, a woman reported that she was groped by multiple invisible hands before passing out in the wee hours of the morning on the train to work. There are others who allege that they have spotted several passengers on the train who do not cast reflections on the train windows and heard footsteps coming from the roof of trains in motion.

St. John’s Island

Last but not least, St. John’s Island – arguably one of the most haunted estates in Singapore, the island used to be a drug rehabilitation centre, a quarrantine station, and the site of a mass prisoner executions during World War II.

In the late 19th Century, when leprosy and chloera were widespread in Singapore, the island became a delegated quarrantine station for those who had them. Needless to say, many people who went to the island, died there and never came back.

During the Second World War, Japanese soldiers held prisoners of war there and used them as live chess pieces. If a ‘chess piece’ were to be captured by the opposing party, he or she would be beheaded on the spot.

As a result of these two major incidents, apparitions can be seen wandering aimlessly around the island while dark figures dart around the old buildings.

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