5 most haunted HDB in Singapore

Teban Gardens, Block 65
Teban Gardens has been claimed by many to be haunted, what with the abandoned outlook and all the ghostly stories revolving around it.

And then there’s Block 65, where there was a murder at the lift lobby on the 11th floor. Ever since then, reports of the lift shaking or even stopping in between floors have cropped up.

Taman Jurong, Yung Kuang Road
Block 63 to 66 in Taman Jurong are seriously creepy, especially when you consider the fact that they used to be infamous sites for suicides and deaths. But one block still manages to stand out: Block 64.

In the 1980s, two children aged one and three fell to their deaths from the haunted block.

Thrill-seekers who frequented the area for chance sightings have also reported feeling strange and some even developed fevers.

Geylang Lorong 3, Block 114
Block 114, Geylang Lorong 3 might ring a bell to some, and if you’re wondering why it’s because it’s the site where an especially gruesome murder happened. Back in June 2005, Leong Siew Chor killed Liu Hong Mei in cold blood, and not in a ‘nice’ way too. He reportedly spent three whole hours chopping her body into seven parts (even now, her feet have not been discovered).

With such a bone-chilling tale as the back story, it makes perfect sense for the 9th-storey HDB flat to be ‘haunted’, and many think so too – up till 2009, the flat unit was conspicuously vacated, and it might still be even now. After all, you never know when you might find a pair of feet walking towards you in the middle of the night.

Woodlands Street 83, Block 852
Cheery and innocent at first glance, Block 852 is actually behind some real strange sightings and encounters. Back during the SARS period, it was apparently used as lodging for workers and a quarantine area.

Lying right between all the ghostly situations is the inhumane murder in 2009, in which a mother stabbed her teenage daughter right through the heart.

Neo Tiew Estate
Vacant since more than ten years ago, Neo Tiew Estate is one of the most haunted HDB flats in Singapore. With fading paint and curse-strewn walls in its arsenal, it’s infamous for its banana tree spirits.

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