5 most haunted places in the East


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The Red House

The red house is situated in Pasir Ris, and was a favorite place for chalet-goers who were keen for a thrilling bout of exploration.

Every haunted place has a legend, and this was no exception. Apparently, the stone lions at the gate were rumored to be haunted, and there was a crying doll on a rocking chair inside the house. White shadows were supposedly also spotted within the compound.

However, the red house has been redeveloped as of 2014.

The yellow tower at East Coast Park

East Coast Park has always been a name associated with jogging, cycling and strolling, and if you’re one of those fitness enthusiasts who love nothing more than a nice stroll along the beach park you have probably passed the Yellow Tower before. Well you probably didn’t know this, but the Yellow Tower is supposedly haunted. Heck, there’s even a video of people communicating with the ghost posted on Youtube!

The story goes years back, back to one night when a couple was strolling around the area at night. It was at this tower where a group of thugs attacked them, knocking the boyfriend unconscious and killing the girlfriend after violating her. After this particular incident, there have been people claiming to have seen a female figure near the tower; while there have even been alleged screams of help resonating from the area.


Yeah, you saw it right. The entire area of Bedok is rumored to be haunted, if all the ghost stories were to go by.


There’s one particular story that stands out even among the bone-chilling entries, and it started when a mother threw her 3 year-old child down from the 25th storey before she followed suit shortly after. But the mother didn’t commit suicide in the generic way, oh no. She was wearing a bright red dress when she fell, and although there was no suicide note she wrote “It’s not over, darling” in Chinese on the wall with her own blood.

The husband wanted to sell the flat but due to a lack of buyers, was forced to live in it. Soon after, his mistress (whom apart from financial problems was a major cause of the mother’s suicide) moved in as well and upon marriage, bore him a child.

It was when the child turned 3 that spooky stuff would happen. The boy would laugh in his room, as if someone else was playing with him. When questioned, he said “Kor kor” (brother). And there were times when he would cry and claim that “Kor kor” was bullying him. Of these times there was one time when he refused to sleep in his own room, and his father let him sleep in his room. In the dead of the night, loud banging of cupboards and the loud cries of a child could be heard from the boy’s room. The child’s cries were oddly familiar to the father too.

The parents naturally went and check, and when they did the maid back in their bedroom screamed. They dashed back and imagine their horror when they spotted their 3 year-old child perched at the edge of the window. Before they could even do anything, the child jumped.


The next day, four chilling words were scribbled on the walls of the parents’ room in Chinese and in black ink.

“This is for Mommy”.

Changi old beach houses

Changi is often associated with the word ‘Haunted’ and the beach houses are no exception. People have reported saying that they were being stared at, and some actually returned home with scars. The doors would also supposedly creak open and shut non-stop, and at night there have been claims of a woman wailing.

Changi Beach was used as the site of the infamous Sook Ching massacre during WWII, and apparently all the souls can’t move on, crying and wailing as they roam the beach.

Old Changi Hospital

Another byproduct of Changi, the old Changi Hospital was used as a healthcare facility for Prisoners of War.

There have been rumors that instead of treatment, torture was implemented. Since then, there have been screams and shouts resonating around the halls of the hospital.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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