5 most haunted Singapore school ghost stories that will make you think twice before camping in school

Okay, how many of you have camped in school before, whether it is a school camp, CCA camp or just-for-fun camp?

I believe most of you readers have done so but for those who have not and are about to, as well as those people who have did it but are considering another re-camp, maybe you might not want to read this article as it contains tales out of the ordinary that will make you re-think your brave decision to camp in your school. For all you know, your school might possess some dark tales or secrets that you might not know about such as the ones below… …

1) I heard that there was a school whereby there was a girl in the lower secondary who committed suicide by jumping off the fourth floor of the school due to the fact that she was constantly bullied and she could not stand it anymore. As such, her ghost still linger in the school and she likes to appear in front of students at night, entice them to the fourth floor and then get them to jump off, from the very same spot that she jumped!


2) This is a tale from another school whose entire third floor is haunted at night. Whenever the clock strike 12, you can hear kids’ laughter coming from inside the classroom and if you are brave enough to creep up to the 3rd floor, you will see objects flying around on its own. A student tried to explore the 3rd floor at night but he was never found till a few days later in the school hall. Only thin g is , he’s missing a head and till today, no one has found the head yet.

3) Well, there is one school in Singapore that was actually a house before it was scrapped. In that house was a girl and her father. Only thing is that girl is insane and her father kept her in that house so no one can see her.

One day, she died but surprisingly, her body was not found. Shortly after the school was built, there were reports from those working in the school at night that there is hysterical laughter coming from the walls itself and there a person wandering the school compounds. Some even swore they saw a wild-haired woman perching on the walls and smiling at them in a creepy manner. Before leaping on them!

4) There was one toilet in a school which is always locked. It was said that a girl was waiting for her parents to fetch her one day got gang raped and thereafter hanged herself in that toilet. At night, there will be weeping from the toilet and whoever tries to enter it will never come out alive.

That was why the teachers locked the toilet and forbade anyone from entering.

5) There was a school whose basketball compound, at 12 midnight, will start to have eerie basketball bouncing noises even though no one was playing. In addition, there will also be sounds of many children’s footsteps as well as the “twack; twack” sound of people playing marbles resonating throughout the whole school.

If after you have read this and started to have second thoughts about camping in your own school next time, don’t blame me. I told you at the start that you might not want to read them.

In any case, if you still want to camp, go ahead. But don’t regret it if you hear or see anything strange. After all, since I have never mentioned any names, the schools which those haunting above occurred might very well be the same exact school you are about to camp in!

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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com