5 most haunted S’pore public toilets based on people’s ghastly encounters

Orchard Plaza
Spooky doesn’t even begin to describe it – the toilets at Orchard Plaza emanate a cold feeling whenever you enter one of them, and to go alone at night would be akin to a thrill-seeking mission in some haunted juncture.

Marina Bay station staff toilet
Shunned by even train drivers, the Marina Bay station staff toilet gives off a bone dry vibe that’s probably the core reason behind its eerie reputation. Rumour has it that years ago, a driver had gone in to relieve himself when the door just shut in his face. No warning, no nothing. Not even the slightest of the wind to suggest that it had been a work of nature.

Golazo Futsal
Disregarding the fact that the toilet bowls are pretty much deserted, the urinals smell like they have been shitted on and that the whole place just comes off as eerie, the toilets at Golazo have been passed over many a time by even the most urgent, especially at night. It apparently stemmed from an account of someone who had used the toilet one particular night–he claimed that as he was taking a piss in the toilet cubicle, something dark seemed to be looking at him from above. He didn’t even wash his hands; he just bolted out of there.

Beauty World Plaza
At night, the shopping mall looks abandoned, what with the secluded walkways and the lack of noises. Yet it’s the toilets that literally scare the shit out of you. With the slightest of sounds causing an audible vibration in the restroom, it just seems like a set up for some horror movie. Netizens have also spoken of a whispering voice in the toilet on the second floor, a sound, calm chill that’s inaudible if you don’t pay the closest of attention to it.

Golden Village Plaza’s multiplex
Cinema toilets have always been plastered with a particularly creepy vibe since the walls are soundproof – any slight noise you make would seem rebounded in return. Yet even so, the toilet at Golden Village Plaza’s multiplex stands out. It’s not so much of the layout either – it looks innocent at first glance and expresses nothing to suggest that it’s different from other Cinema toilets. But the fact that cinema-goers have witnessed a ‘ghostly’ little girl in the theatre has somehow tied in with the toilet, creating the impression of an especially haunted cinema toilet.

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