5 Most Haunted Void Decks in S’pore You Should Avoid When Trying to Catch Pokemon at Night This 7th Month

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Ever since the Pokemon GO app launched in Singapore, you’ll realise that things are, well, a tad bit different.

Compared to the Hungry Ghost Festival last year, this year is different as well. Last year, everyone went home early because the gates of hell are open. This year, no one really cares.

Well, if you belong to the group we’re talking about, you might want to avoid these five void decks when you’re on your Pokemon adventure because who knows, you might end up meeting more than just Gastly.

Jurong West Block 725

This void deck is rumoured to have unknown dolls appearing in front of residents who return home in the wee hours. A scary looking doll is sometimes seen sitting in a dark corner of the void deck and shocked many residents. No resident has ever approached the doll as it will just disappear when they turn around. Nobody knows how and why the doll exists.

Bedok North Avenue 4 Block 99

I believe many have heard about the scary legend of this block even without me telling the story. The summary of the story is that a mother threw her 3-year-old son down the block, then fell to death herself later. She was found dead in a bright red wedding gown. Not only is the house spooked with ghostly rumours, residents use to hear a child crying at the void deck. Some of the blocks in that area were even abandoned for some years. More recently, some say crying can still be heard but others feel that it is more normal now. Who knows?

Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Block 168

A murder case happened at the bid deck here about a few years ago. The grown man was killed innocently due to a random dispute. He had just lost his job and his girlfriend. We all know that spirits who die suddenly usually have grudges and spirits with grudges are not to be dealt with.

Chin Swee Road Block 53

A couple was just found dead under the block. Being classified as unnatural deaths, nobody really knows what exactly happened or what the reason for the deaths is. Residents who walk the past the void deck of this block to get home have reported feeling cold or hearing weird loud noises suddenly in the middle of the night.

Any void deck that has a funeral going on

It is no uncommon sight to have a funeral held in void decks for Singaporeans. It can indeed be a local culture. Although funerals are to send your last greetings to the dead and pray for a peaceful journey after death, don’t forget that any rude actions can trigger a scary experience. The dead spirits may be around to visit their families or other spirits that the funeral is not for may come for the offerings.

And no, saying that a Lapras is nearby isn’t enough reason to disturb somebody else’s songkah, yeah?

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