5 must-do things to save more money when learning driving

Not only is buying a car expensive in Singapore, even learning to drive and getting the license can cost you around $2000. Despite so, you still want to earn that license or you are probably already learning to drive. Here are some tips for you to save some money.

Learn more in 1 lesson
Before your lesson starts, tell your instructor that you want to cover more topics in 1 lesson. They usually have the lesson planned out for you to learn a skill or tactic fully but if you’re confident in going for a quicker pace, feel free to do so. The reason behind this is that you have a certain number of topics to cover in total and if you can learn more every lesson, you will need lesser lessons and you pay for lesser lessons.

Go for the off-peak hours
I’m not sure about the difference in the hours for private lessons but the for schools, the difference is about $10. Although the hours may not be desirable if you’re working, do try to slot in some off-peak sessions between the peak sessions to cut down costs.

Pass all your tests in 1 go
Test fees have recently increased and the last thing you want is to fail your tests and go for more lessons and more retests. Maybe the theory tests are still not as costly but every time you fail your practical test, you have to dig out at least $200 more from your pocket.

Go for a fixed group of instructors
This is an especially good tip for learners who like to stick to a standardised way of teaching and styles. Although you pay more for the scheme, you can save more in the long run since you can learn better and pass in 1 try. Also, look out for the group of instructors that you want to stick to. Check out the passing rates they have.

Follow a bus during your lesson
This is a driving tip for manual learners to practice their skills on releasing the clutch. As we all know, buses tend to move and stop, move and stop, and move and stop. If you follow a bus, you have moved and stop like it does. If you do this often, you can do well in controlling your clutch as well as the accelerator. You will also learn to not stall your engine. This will help you a lot in passing your practical test.

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