5 must-eat makan places in Jurong you die die have to try


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We love eating, and we love finding new places to eat. Singapore is known for its well-developed makan culture and we are always looking for new food to try. Read on to find out about the 5 must-eat places in Jurong West that you should never miss if you are ever in the area.

金味 Economic Bee Hoon next to Pioneer MRT
This stall is also known as Ah Lian Bee Hoon to NTU students and nearby residents. Although pricier compared to other economic bee hoon stalls, their delicious bee hoon, sweet and fragrant sambal chili and savory crispy chicken wings are to die for and well worth the price. They typically open at 4-5PM and operate till 10-11AM the next day and a queue usually forms before the stall is open for business.

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak @ Boon Lay Market and Food Place
This is a well-known supper haunt even to people residing in other parts of Singapore. The queue for their food at night is never-ending and lead down the steps out of the food center. Their fluffy and fragrant coconut rice combines beautifully with the savory sambal chili to bring your taste buds to a wild adventure; remember to add a chicken wing to your meal and hear the crunch every time you bite into it.

Roti Prata @ Boon Lay Market and Food Place
In case you are not a fan of Nasi Lemak, located just a few stalls away is another favorite supper haunt for people. Their crispy yet fluffy roti prata and savory fish curry is one of the best few pratas we have in Singapore. They open for business at 3PM and operate till late in the night.

Bangkok Street Mookata at Jurong West @ Blk 498 Jurong West St 41
Interested in steamboat and a place to chill out? Try Bangkok Street Mookata! Located in the corner of a coffee shop, you can smell the tantalizing smell of grilled meat even before you see it. They are well-known for their savory marinade, chili sauce and tender chicken. They offer platter sets if you want to try a bit of everything or ala carte at a relatively inexpensive price. They are open daily from 5PM to 3AM.

Kallang Western BBQ @ NTU Canteen 2
Are you a fan of western food? If you are, you will definitely have to visit this food stall. Well-known for their tender, succulent meat and sweet garlic sauce and the price is reasonable and affordable (they sell a plate of pork chop at around $4); this stall has also been rated by TV programmes like Channel U’s Yummy King and Makansutra and a must-visit place if you are ever in the Jurong West area.


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