5 must-know fashion tricks for girls who wants to look good every day

In a world where fashion dominates the way we see, the way we do, and most of all the way we wear our outfits, there comes a time where you just want to put on a casual style without pulling the hard efforts.

Frankly said, many of us have got it wrong about casual style. Our mindset believes that when you go casual, you leave the fashionable term behind. Learning from the Asians, there is this unique and distinct feature in their casual styles that make them look fashionable as if they’re studying it at school! It’s part of their daily life and here’s to take note on!

Casual does not mean dress down.

This is how you can bring the sense of casual in your daily wear, without looking so outdated.

The layering trickPicture1We’re not trying to teach you how to look like a Japanese rock band member. Layering your outfit doesn’t have to come in hardcore. Korean girls rarely wear one outfit when they’re out. They tend to wear shirt with jacket or shirt with a vest on top. It’s about putting together the look while not appearing bulky.

Add an accentPicture2Upgrading a casual to stylishly casual can be done by using an element that stands out. This outfit should be able to change your mood as you wear it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a scarf, an undershirt, boots, crop top, a tie or accessories. It really gives a kick to your casual style and a sense of ‘better than the average’ kind of accent.

Casual also means mix and match. So, dare to mix!Picture3When you go to Japan or Korea, there isn’t actually a single rule about fashion. They wear what they want, and voila! They are the trend! Most of the girls really know how to do the mixing and matching job and combining different elements to show off their personality.

Never settle for a shadePicture4When you hear the word, “Casual” don’t mistaken it for “plain”. If there is the best advice on how to look kawaii, that would be, don’t settle for less! Present something colorful or bright even if it’s just your hat. No space for lame jeans. These styles can still give the comfort! Use up your creativity and wear something unusual!

Picture5There is always a room to upgrade! Find out how you can calibrate your casual outfit and present the best clothing in any casual occasion!



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