5 new S’pore shopping malls to look forward to in 2016

In all honesty, let’s face the fact: almost every shopping mall in Singapore is pretty similar. You won’t see unique shops that only exist in certain malls, or any malls that has distinctive features. Going to a mall is much like a respite from the hot sun and paying for meals that cost half the price in a hawker centre.

But, we Singaporeans still like malls. Maybe it’s the air-conditioner, maybe it’s the consistency in the design, or maybe we grow up in malls.

In the last few years, the number of new shopping malls have grown so much that Jurong East MRT Station has got four malls within walking distance and Orchard Road is filled with nothing but malls. Despite that, there’re still new malls coming…and coming…and coming. Here’s a list that we can look forward to in 2016.

Waterway Point (Nearest MRT station: Punggol MRT Station)
We’ve to admit that compared to other malls in this list, this has got to be the most anticipated one. Located just beside Punggol MRT Station, it is the first mall to be build in Punggol New Town—a town that has a lot of new couples but not enough amenities. What’s interesting about this mall is that the Basement 2 is 24 hour—housing NTUC FairPrice Finest and a cinema. Now, that’s something new!

Hillion Mall (Nearest MRT Station: Bukit Panjang LRT Station)
With mixed integrated development being the hottest thing so far (think Jurong Point or Anchor Point), you can’t be wrong with another integrated development that is next to a LRT station. Given the number of residents there, you can bet that this will be a hit among many, including us as our office is pretty nearby!

 Raffles Holland V (Nearest MRT Station: Holland Village MRT Station)
Are you a fan of Holland Village? If so, your only complaint could be Holland Village Shopping Centre: it is a shopping centre but doesn’t look and feel like one. Or maybe it’s just me.
But fret no more if you’re just like me: a new medical centre + retail mall by Raffles Medical Group will be developed by March 2016, with about 49,000 square feet of retail and F&B stores. Yeah! Like, finally…

Southbeach (Nearest MRT Station: City Hall MRT Station)
Yeah mixed integrated development is cool, how about one mixed with hotel, offices and retail? Sounds like MBS? Nope, there’s one more called Southbeach, and it’s in town as well, next to City Hall MRT Station. A perfect place for a staycation!

Compass Point Shopping Centre (Nearest MRT Station: Sengkang MRT Station)
The closure of this mall to upgrade created quite a hoo-ha, as this is the to-go mall for many Sengkang-ers. But fret not, Mr & Mr Sengkang-er: the mall will be re-opened with a new name before the end of 2016. I wonder what could it be called: Sengkang Point?

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