5 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Ideas That Are Perfect for 老夫老妻

Clueless about what to do this Valentine’s Day? Why not take a leaf from our book and pick one of the novel date ideas in our article to use on 14 February and pleasantly surprise your partner?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you (guys especially) might find yourself in a fix, with no idea on how to make that day special for your other half. Recycling past Valentine Day’s date ideas seem like a bad, not to mention, lame idea (pun intended). Here’s a list of 5 non-cheesy date ideas you can consider for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

1. Partake in a sport and sweat together

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Participate in a healthy activity together on Valentine’s Day if thou really love thy partner. Hit the gym, participate in a sporting activity or go for an invigorating jog with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Two is better than one when it comes to exercising as you can encourage each along as you sweat it out. If you have not already started on an exercise regime with your other half, this Valentine’s Day can be the very day to kickstart it.

Why not bond with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend while exercising this Valentine’s Day? Such a date is not only an interesting but a wholesome idea which can keep you and your partner hale and hearty for many years to come if it becomes part and parcel of your lives.

Good news for couples who dig sports: the Singapore Sports Hub conduct fitness classes from Kardio Freestyle, Piloxing to Kickbox Toning from Mondays to Sundays. Choose a fitness class you both like and a suitable timing and start staying fit as a couple. Check out all the classes’ timings and days on the Singapore Sports Hub website and spend the Valentine’s date sweating it out.


2. Dance Together

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As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Dancing is much more fun and romantic when you do it with your partner. So why not sign up for a dance class with your missus or mister and you can practice your dance moves and gyrate away on Valentine’s Day?

Numerous studies have shown that dancing can not only make a couple closer but improve their relationship. Just like exercising together, dancing with your partner can help release endorphins, (known also as happy hormones) as both of you take delight in each other’s company and feel more intimately connected.

So take the initiative to sign up for dance classes with your partner in the New Year and flex your dance moves as a duo on a date this Valentine’s Day. You may find that both of you have another thing in common and dancing together may just be the very thing that strengthens your love for your other half!

So how about grabbing your partner and dancing with like-minded friends at Dance With Friends (DWF) Singapore? DWF is a company located conveniently in The Adelphi, City Hall, that provides dancing classes from salsa to bachata for avid learners to dance and make friends. And yeah, they have an upcoming special Valentine’s Day package which you and your partner can sign up for to dance the romantic night away.

3. Engage in charity work

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Valentine’s Day ought to be a day that not only celebrates the love between couples and great friendships but also a time to spread some love and kindness to the less fortunate among us. Why not then rope in your partner to engage in acts of charity on Valentine’s Day and make the beneficiaries feel the love too on 14 February?

Collaborate with social service organisations like Singapore’s Children Society, Lions Home for the Elders and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped to do your part to help the disadvantaged groups in our society. Such philanthropic acts not only go a long way to help the underprivileged, it can boost your relationship with your other half as both work hand in hand towards a worthy cause.

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So be the couple with a heart and start sharing and caring for the less unfortunate this Valentine’s Day. You may soon realise that giving, particularly as a duo, is much more rewarding than receiving.

You and your partner can also choose to flex your muscles to participate in Active Health (AH) and volunteer as AH outreach assistants, AH champions or AH ambassadors and participate in projects and events this February to raise awareness about the importance of health and fitness to the public. Certainly, a good way for you and your partner to spend your time meaningfully this Valentine’s Day’s month so check out their website to find out more how you can do that. 

4. Go on a Shopping Spree

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It can be a perennial bugbear yearly when it comes to choosing surprise gifts for your partner. Don’t you simply hate buying the wrong gift and seeing your other half’s excited face fading into a look of disappointment when they finally opened your present? Fret not, we have a great solution here.

Make a date to go on a shopping spree on Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. Let your partner choose what he or she wants and you, being the generous lover that you are, will pick up the tab. It can be a mutual thing and you both can buy something the other covets on Valentine’s Day.

To make this Valentine’s date even more brilliantly novel, you can try shopping in places you and partner don’t usually go to. Vintage stores are not a common sight nowadays in modern Singapore and why not take a trip down memory lane this Valentine’s Day and shop vintage with your partner?

If you fancy little knick-knacks from the past and would like to buy them as keepsakes for really low prices, drop by Hai Seng Porcelain in Sago Lane to get your vintage crockery and ornaments. On the other hand, if you are both born in the 60s to 80s eras, you can perhaps visit The Little Children Museum in Bussorah Street for a nominal $2 and get transported to your carefree childhood times with toys cars and card games of yesteryears. Definitely, a memorable and unique way to spend your Valentine’s Day with the one you love the most as both experience a blast from the past.

5. Propose to Her (If the time is right)

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This one is for the men out there who want to bring the relationship with their ‘missus’ to the next level. If you are convinced that she is the one, it may just be the best date idea to pop the question to her on Valentine’s Day. Even better, throw a surprise proposal party in the company of your closest friends and family to make this day even more special.

What date can possibly be more romantic and touching than popping the question to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with your friends and family in tow? So if you feel that both of you are ready for the commitment of a lifetime, propose to her on V-Day. And good luck in advance if you are planning to do so!

A lovely spot to propose is Henderson Waves Bridge at Henderson Road which is the tallest and probably the most gorgeous bridge you can find in Singapore. Impressively lit up at night, it is the perfect backdrop for you to declare your love and propose. Another place you can consider proposing is The Singapore Botanic Gardens at Cluny Road where you and your lovely partner are surrounded by beautiful blooms and lush greenery. You can even take lovely wefies to document this memorable day. What’s even better, both these places are absolutely free and you can stroll the romantic Valentine’s night away hand in hand.

A special date

So there you have it, our list of five unconventional and non-cheesy date ideas this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day only happens once a year. Put in more thought into it. As we have shown here, it doesn’t have to be an affair of extravagance and grandeur or merely cliché chocolates and roses but can be refreshing and exciting and not to mention physically stimulating all the same.

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