5 Nutrient-Rich Foods so Delicious You’ll Happily Gobble Them Down

Many believe that healthy foods are really troublesome to prepare and unpalatable. That’s not true! Here are 5 nutrient-rich foods that are really easy to prepare (trust me, it takes less than 10 minutes) and packed with lots of good stuff for your body. Include these foods into your daily diet and benefit from the fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. You’ll certainly feel better and even drop some pounds!

1. Avocados

Avacado Singapore

Creamy and buttery rich, this fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fat that can improve cholesterol levels and lower risks of health diseases. They are also high in vitamin B and antioxidants that promotes healthy skin. Mix some of these into your egg salad and get double the nutrients.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea Singapore

Green tea is more than just your regular tea. It is loaded with polyphenols like catechins – also known as antioxidants—that help to reduce damage in the body. Clinical studies have suggested that green tea helps burn fat by speeding up the metabolic rate due to its antioxidant effect. Other studies have also linked regular green tea consumption to cancer prevention and lower risks of liver problems.

3.  Pumpkin

Pumpkin Singapore

Don’t throw the flesh away after carving your pumpkins! This low-calorie fruit helps you maintain good eyesight. At only 26 calories per 100 grams, pumpkins are fantastic for your low-carb diets.

4. Popcorn

Popcorn Singapore

If you must nibble on something during tea break, try popcorn! It is rich in antioxidants, apparently more than fruits and vegetables. However, it’s only healthy when air-popped and served plain. Those that you get at the cineplexes are coated with loads of butter! Try popping your own at home!

5. Bananas

Bananas Singapore

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There are more carbs in bananas than most fruits but they are also packed with lots of nutrients and fibre. Bananas are the perfect snack before and after exercising to fuel your body with energy and replenish potassium lost while exercising.

Here’s a tip for you: Wrap a piece of plastic cling wrap around the crown of the banana bunch to slow down the ripening process!

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