5 Online Shopping Hacks for S’poreans to Shop for Even Cheaper Products

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With technology at our fingertips and a plethora of online retailers ranging from fashion, to electronics and household goods, online shopping has emerged as a popular choice for many who are looking for both time and cost savings, along with the convenience of our purchases arriving at our doorsteps.

Along with a booming e-commerce industry that is set to experience a projected growth of US$5.4 billion (S$7.46 billion) and constitute 6.7 per cent of all retail sales by 2025 (source: Temasek and Google 2015), online shopping is here to stay.

Here are 5 smart hacks to get the most out of your online shopping experience, whilst getting more bang for your buck.

Save On International Shipping Costs

Are you a fan of international retail websites, but not so much of their exorbitant shipping fees? Or do you reach the checkout only to find out that the retailer only offers shipping to selected destinations?

Courier shipping services, such as EZBuy and Borderlinx, make cross-border shopping easy while offering great cost savings. Based on the country where the online store is located,  shoppers can obtain a personalised international forwarding address, where purchases will be forwarded back to their home from courier warehouses in multiple destinations all over the world. They also offer personalised shopper services and exclusive membership offers as well.

Shop On Mobile Apps

As online shopping becomes more integrated, retailers are expanding the online shopping experience beyond the website alone, and into mobile apps that offer consumers greater ease of access on the go with a friendly user-interface. Perfect for time-strapped individuals!

Another great reason to shop on mobile apps are the deals and discounts exclusive to the app, so do keep a lookout for your favourite brands available on mobile. One example is online retail giant, Zalora, that offers 15% of your first purchase with a minimum spend of $120 on theZalora app. 

Buy Online, Collect Offline

Some individuals may still remain apprehensive about online shopping, with concerns that the item received appears different from the one pictured on the online website. Others may find the delivery fee slightly expensive, especially if the item is bulky or does not come along with free delivery for a singular purchase.

If any of these reasons applies to you, self-collection is the answer to your concerns. Not only can exchanges for the original purchase be made on the spot at the store or warehouse itself, self-collection is mostly free of charge and immediate. One such retailer is French retail sports giant, Decathlon, that made its way to our shores in January earlier this year. They offer self-collection free of charge with no minimum spend at their online store.

No more dwindling of thumbs waiting in anticipation for your purchase to arrive in the mail when you can get it right away!

Compare Prices Fast

A key tip for shopping is to compare prices for a particular item across different shops. The same goes for online shopping as well. However, this could be time-consuming and tedious. Shop smartly with comparison shopping engines, such as PricePanda Singapore and PriceMewhich can help you find prices for items across different categories and websites.

Get Great Coupon Deals Online

Have you always wanted to try a new buffet restaurant or try out a new hairstyle at a salon but the prices are out of your budget? Websites such as ILoveDeals SingaporeCupoNation and Flipit offer great discount codes and coupons at a fraction of the original price across all categories to satisfy all your whims and fancies.

The advancement of technology has indeed transformed the usual brick and mortar shopping experience into one that is more dynamic, integrated and in tune with the needs of technologically-savvy shoppers who look for speed and convenience along with great savings.

With these hacks, its time to grab your mobile phone or your laptop and shop away!

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