5 places in S’pore rumoured to have pontianak encounters

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For the blur sotongs: no, we’re not referring to Pontianak, the city in Indonesia. We’re referring to the female vampire ghost—a kind of ghost that died while she was pregnant, so she roamed our world carrying a baby.

In Singapore, there have been a number of documented sightings of these ghosts, but most of them were from these five places. Are you ready to see whether you’re living near a pontianak-infested area? Well, here goes.

Kent Ridge Park (Near NUS / NUH)
Kent Ridge Park is probably one of the most haunted places in Singapore—almost everyone who has been there at night would have some kind of supernatural encounters, from weird sounds to strange orbs. But what’s scarier is the sighting of a pontianak near the river. It is said that at night, she would roam around the river for unknown reasons, and people have come across it countless times.

An old tree near Novena MRT Station
The story goes back to even before the station was built. Since Novena MRT Station is one of the most haunted MRT stations, and that TTSH is nearby, it didn’t come as a surprise that a pontianak stays there. According to legends, she stayed in one of the trees and would come out after 8:00 p.m., but after the tree was destroyed, the pontianak has been seen roaming around the area at night.

Jalan Bahar Bus Stop
There have been taxi drivers who claim that in the middle of the night, a mysterious lady, presumably a pontianak, would flag down their taxi. And she would often request to go to a cemetery. It became so widespread that some taxi drivers would not stop at this bus stop when it’s in the wee hours because the passenger might be, well, a pontianak.

Clementi Woods
The beautiful park in the morning, near to NUS as well, has reported sightings of a pontianak. And to add more creepiness to Clementi, there’re sightings in the nearby West Coast Park as well.

Yellow lighthouse in East Coast Park
This famously haunted lighthouse has been the talk of all ghost-hunters for years, simply because a woman was murdered there and sightings of a female ghost have been abundant. It has, however, been argued whether it is a pontianak or the spirit of the murdered woman.

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