5 Places to get your formal clothes for less than $30 in Singapore (includes G2000 Singapore)

Reader: I already know the answer – G2000 Singapore

Ok, then why are you here?

Reader: Ok, good point.

So you’ve just graduated from University and going for your first permanent job, or you might be going for your internship that requires you to be dressed in formal wear.

Because you have not earned your first paycheck yet, you are currently facing a wardrobe crisis.

Relax, chill.

Read on to find out about the 5 places you can actually get formal clothes under $30.

Well, these places might not be as great as tailored formal wear, but they’ll last you till you have more options (money) to buy the formal wear that you truly want.

CK Departmental Store

Image: scene.sg

Okay, we know your reaction. “Ewww…that’s the place you go to for uncle pants and shirts.” I’ll say this; beggars can’t be choosers, really. This awesome departmental store sells pants and clothes at such an affordable rate that it would be a crime for you to complain about the design.

After all, where else can you get formal pants and shirts (albeit ill-fitting ones) at such a cheap price? If you’re truly particular about how the clothes look to you, you can always go to a tailor to alter them. For more choices, visit the huge CK departmental store at Chinatown and you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice.

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Reader: Get to G2000 Singapore already, we all know it’s coming.

Who knows? Maybe it’s not?

Bugis Street

Image: TripAdvisor

When we’re talking about places to buy cheap clothes, bugis is a must-mentioned place. Popular among the young people for their young and fashionable clothes, you will be surprised at their selection of formal wear as well although I’ll have to say that the clothes they carry are usually for non-plus sized members of the human race.

This place might be worth exploring if you’re looking for cheap and fashionable formal wear.

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Qoo10 / Shopee

Online shopping has become the new norm, and if we were to suggest the cheapest options, they would be in platforms like Qoo10 or Shopee. The only drawback? Because everything is done virtually, you have no way of knowing if the clothes you purchase fit you.

Be sure to find the measurement chart of the seller and take measurements of your own body before you place your order. We don’t advice you leaving your shopping till the last minute if you plan to buy from them since delays might occur.

Your new boss might not be as forgiving of your “My new clothes hasn’t arrived” excuse when you turn up for work on the first day in unapproved attire.

Disclaimer: Shopee is Goody Feed’s client.

Reader: Yes, just keep on this charade. We both know this list has to include G2000 Singapore.

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Nope. We have done more research than that, trust me.

G2000 Singapore Your Dad

If your dad has spare formal wear lying around the house, you can actually borrow them from him for the time being. Just be sure that he has enough for himself or you might just find yourself fighting with him all the time over clothes, similar to how two girls fight over the last piece of dress during GSS sales.


G2000 Singapore

Image: shopsinsg.com

Reader: Aha! G2000 Singapore; I told you!

Almost every young Singaporean will have brought their first formal clothes from G2000. If you’re looking for formal wear that cost less than $30, you’d have to wait for their promotions. Before you go “chey…”, know this. G2000 is known for having sales promotions on their clothes almost every day throughout the year. J

Just be warned that normally, you’d only get to enjoy the promotion if you get more of their clothes, for example, “2 shirts for $59”.

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