5 plausible reasons why Amos Yee chose to eat a banana as he turned up in court


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:56 pm

With several high-profile cases ongoing, Singaporeans have seen that attending a court sometimes could no longer be just about the case: it could be about what you wear and how you conduct yourself. Just ask Serina Wee: her fashion sense and good looks could have been the talking point of many instead of her court case.

Recently, Amos Yee, the teenager who was charged for sedition, was on the headline again. As we all Google for the latest news, a refreshing image greeted us instead.

We expected the smiles and the waves from him. But we got more from that; he was publicly eating a banana. And so, I’ve come out with five reasons why he wanted to be seen with a banana, despite knowing that cameras would be snapping every second the moment he got out of a vehicle.

1. He was really hungry
We all know that could not have been the reason, but that is one of the reasons that he can give without directly offending anyone (not that he cares, right?). No food and drinks in the taxi, so he did it outside the taxi. Yeah, we believe you, Mr Yee.

2. He wanted to show the Singapore laws something
A banana has a connotation as a manhood, and that itself refers to one of our fingers. And when pointing that finger, it has a different meaning altogether. Maybe I think too much. Or maybe—since many people have said that he is a smart boy—that could have been what he wanted us to interpret.

3. He wanted to tell everyone how indifferent he is
Or, in other words, “I don’t give a damn. Come at me!” He believes he’s going to a dance floor and not to a court. No one gives a damn to anyone eating a banana outside Zouk, right?

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4. The taxi driver is trying to show him something
Just like #2, but with a plot twist: the driver shows him something, and he shows the laws something. Why so abstract, guys?

5. He just wants attention
He got it. He has always got it, after all.