5 popular celebrities that you probably didn’t know is a Singaporean or Singapore PR

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No matter how high our cost of living is, and no matter how much you hate certain policies, you can’t deny that Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and that if you work hard enough, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

This could be why some popular celebrities have decided to make Singapore their home for the rest of their lives. So let’s dive in to the list!

Jackie Chan

jackiechan He is well-known everywhere: from the US all the way to Malaysia. We have all grown up with his movies, and he has said that he was going to retire many times but still appeared on the big screen every year.

According to rumours, he has been a Singapore PR since 1998—that’s over 17 years ago. In other words, when Justin Bieber was learning how to use the toilet, Jackie Chan was already officially a resident here.

Jet Li

jet-li Another international celebrity who propelled to stardom with his fighting moves, Jet Li is a well-known Singaporean who once held a Green Card.

Having held three different citizenships before (China, US and now, Singapore), we’re inclined to think that Singapore should have much more to offer. Let’s just hope that this will be his last stop because he is also a renowned philanthropist whom we all respect a lot.

Gong Li


If you’re a teenager now, you might not have heard of Gong Li. However, for old birds like us, we used to hope that one day, Gong Li would be our wife.

Now, we can’t hope even when she has aged gracefully because we’re either attached or married. Oh, just for your info, she attended her citizenship ceremony in Teck Ghee Community Club. I don’t know about you, but it just seems so Singaporean lah.

Emil Chau


Emil Chau, now known as Wakin Chau, was the Jay Chou of yesteryear. And just like Jay Chou, he can elegantly forget his lyrics and be forgiven (or even loved more) by his fans.

His song, 朋友, has become a cannon song in schools; during graduation, we’ll all sing it while waving with the melody. And oh, did anyone notice that his hairstyle has not changed before? Maybe if he had been a Singaporean all along, we would see him in a different hairstyle (i.e. during the army)…

Zhao Wei


还珠格格 was broadcasted in 1998, and seventeen years later, Zhao Wei is still referred to as 小燕子 while people have stopped watching TV. I know that if you’re born in 1998, this won’t make sense.

You might not even know what a TV is. Well, you just need to know this: Zhao Wei was then so popular that many people know about the Qing dynasty through her drama.

Vanness Wu

vanness One of the four F4 members, his long hair used to be—eh, wait. Sorry, wrong info. He married a Singaporean girl, not become a Singaporean. And having a wedding dinner in Singapore doesn’t mean one is a Singaporean lah.


But Mr Wu, do consider Singapore. We want to see how you style your son’s hair when he enlist to NS.

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