5 popular games that apparently is educational. And we’re not talking about crappy PC educational games.

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Almost all sane teenagers like to play video games of various types and no parent ever like any. The closest compromise of the century is when I told my father of how I trashed someone older at the arcade in King of Fighters 98 as a teenager and he proceeded to give me a smile.

Let me help all the troubled teenagers out there close this old-fashioned term they call generation gap. For adults, if you need a reason to play video game then I’m sorry, I really am…..sorry. You need to go find where you lost those 2 precious pebbles and get them back.

The common misunderstanding of parents is that there is no educational value is video game. That is total BULLSHIT. Now go tell your parents this “BULLSHIT”. Don’t bother to tell them the reason why: just say it in their face and update the information later and you finish reading this post. The idea cannot be more wrong, there is WAY more educational value in a game than your boring textbook.

Below is a list of game that can be justified to be played for educational value. They each have some form of teaching experience despite being exceptional games.


Play Dark Souls for Maths
There are tons of maths to calculate in dark souls, and people even come up with program to help you determine how much damage you can deal with your weapon at a certain level. There is also the more abstract thinking of how to utilise your stats, whether you want more stamina/endurance to tank or use your own agility to move around sparing the stats for other use. This game teaches you to crunch numbers and also learn to juggle between using straight up hardcore stats to overcome obstacle or to use skills/spell combine with synergy of equipment. If I add the determination and carefulness needed, then this would be the only game that a person need ever play.

Play Bioshock series for Philosophy
Andrew Ryan, Andrew Ryan,  Andrew Ryan! I only played Bioshock 2 in which Andrew Ryan is not around but I went on to wiki the game and found this great fictional man’s biography.

“Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?” It is this sentence that inspires this blog, this sentence that changes my mindset towards slogging for the profit of someone else’s. This game is like Inception without a dream and heavy bass. Think of how much it will change a teenager, less the rubbish soft skill elective module and subject. Let your child play Bioshock instead. He may end up being the next Rockefeller.

Play Uncharted series for History
Marco Polo, Cintamani Stone, Genghis Khan, Iram of the Pillar, T.E Lawrence. So many many many history for a gamer to wiki after completion of game. This series is one that triggers a gamer’s love for myth and legend and through them find out for himself what exactly is the history behind them. Such rich history being viewed with some of the most beautiful digital architectural, I won’t be surprised if the game inspires a few gamers to be future archaeologist.

Play Mass Effect series for Acceptance
Ok, this is a soft skill. Mass Effect series will teach a gamer that not all promises are meant to be fulfilled and hype is most of the time simply just…hype. Nothing else. Best of all they teach you to further yourself from the clutches of EA.

Play Hitman series for Creativity
What game teaches you creativity better than the Hitman series? It teaches you where you can kill with bomb, fiber glass string, toxic drink, hot steam, sniper rifle or even a chopper. It urges you to use the most creative method available in order to achieve the best rank. It encourages you to blend into an environment well. All in all, it is a game for building abstract logic.


The list can go on and on if we gamers link our mind together. We all know that there are tons and tons of games out there that will fulfil some educational proposes (I’m not referring to those crappy SNES games in the past) Feel free to comment to let me and others reading this post know what kind of game you have in mind that is another suitable excuse for another 40 hours of gaming fun.

Once again I manage to turn something that seems unproductive in a parent’s view into something that is both productive and fun for the kids (well, so I hope). Praise the Sun!

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