5 real reasons why a girl who wear shorts wherever she goes is the best girlfriend ever


Last Updated on 2017-05-25 , 6:20 pm

Do you know a girl who wears T-shirt and shorts wherever she goes? Maybe she’s your girlfriend, or maybe she’s someone you’ve been eyeing for a couple of months now. Whoever she is, a girl who wears shorts makes the best girlfriend.

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Here are 5 reasons why this is so. Do you agree?

She’s real

She doesn’t dress to kill, and she doesn’t need guys giving her appreciative glances every now and then. What matters the most is that she’s comfortable in what she’s wearing and she’s confident in pulling off the look flawlessly.

She is easy-going

Which makes it easy to get along with her. So by being her boyfriend, you won’t have too hard a time trying to make her happy, unlike some other girlfriends that are harder to deal with.


She doesn’t attract as much attention from other guys

Which means, fewer competitors! She doesn’t show her cleavage, nor does she wear heels that show off her sexy legs. You’re the only one who knows her beauty and honestly, wouldn’t you just want to keep it that way?

She takes considerably lesser time to get ready to meet you

Heard the stories about girls and the amount of time they take to prep for a date? Well, rest assured that this girl won’t do that to you. She doesn’t need that much time anyways.


When she really dresses up, it’s going to make you ‘stand up’

The best thing about having a girlfriend who wears t-shirt and shorts everywhere is that when she puts her mind to it and dress up just for you, you’re going to appreciate it. Very much. So, if your girlfriend is someone like that, you’re a very lucky man. If you know someone who’s single and exactly like what we described, what are you waiting for? Go get her, man.

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