5 reasons to make Microsoft Edge your default browser


If anyone upgraded to Windows 10, you will see an additional browser with a logo that resembles Internet explorer. But don’t worry. It is not. IE is never coming back. Instead, this is a new browser known as Microsoft Edge, which is part of Project Spartan. Edge was launched to be better, quicker and meaner than IE and of course, to keep up with web browser giants Chrome and Firefox. Anyways, beyond its lightweight feel and scaled-back appearance, you might want to give Edge a chance because other than the fact that it is expected to give Chrome and Firefox a big headache, it has a few amazing functions that give it an edge (pun intended) over the others. So yea, here are the reasons why you might want to start using Edge as your default browser.

1) It is definitely faster than IE, and Chrome as well
IF you have any doubts about Edge due to IE, you can cast your doubts aside. Because Edge is a whole new story. Unlike the IE, Edge will not have legacy support, and will also not support  third-party toolbars for dated browsers such as ActiveX, Vector Markup Language, as well as Browser Helper Objects. As such, due to lower baggage, it significantly improved Edge’ speed and led to faster web surfing and faster load times, surpassing even the load times of Chrome and Firefox. Plus, Edge has a new rendering engine in the form of Microsoft EdgeHTML, replacing the Trident that is used for IE. This leads to a faster web experience and quicker webpage loads.

So, if you want quick and efficient web-surfing, Edge might just offer the competitive edge here.

2) Security
Other than speed, security is also important. So having recognised that, Microsoft went on to improve Edge’s security. For instance, each page is rendered in a “sandbox” so in the event of a malicious virus, the virus will be contained in the “sandbox” and will not like hit your hard drive or something else.

In addition, Edge also boasts the HTTP Strict Transport Security and HTML 5 Content Security Policy, which secure web connections and prevent cross-site scripting attacks.

3) Cortana
Those who used Windows phone knows Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant and virtual friend-in-need. Edge is tightly integrated with Cortana, which means (after you activated Cortana), alongside with Bing, you will find that all your searches becomes easier and more detailed. For instance, you can search pub and Cortana will bring you all information about the nearby clubs like location, price etc.  And since Cortana supports for natural-language queries, you don’t have to do a full web search. Just type your question into the address bar and Cortana will handle the rest.

4) Reader Mode
Ever felt tired of having to see distracting ads pop out while you are just browsing through articles? Well, don’t worry because Edge has this reader mode that converts the webpage into an easy-to-view layout, like an e-book. This means no more distracting ads or promotions diverting your attention. OF course, I am aware that Edge is not the only browser to have this reader mode but it is still a nice addition.

Reader mode is located on the top-right hand corner of the webpage in the form of a book, so just click it for an easy-read, ad-free webpage experience.


5) Reading List
Other than reader mode, it also has this reading list that allows you to keep track of things or webpages you might want to view later. Like when you bookmark a thing, you can choose to put it in your list or throw it straight into bookmarks. Just think of it as a pocket. It’s a nice addition that should help anyone who finds themselves filling the bookmarks bar with things they want to read, but forgot about it.

Oh yea, one more thing. Edge also have this news feed that deliver news that you might be interested to read in the moment you start it up instead of just a search button.

6) Annotations
In other browsers, you can only share links but in Edge, not only can you share links, you can also draw, write, place marks, notes or annotations on the shared web-pages either highlighting important stuff or just wildly vandalising the web-pages to troll your friends. Basically, it’s like the online version of post-it notes. After annotating, you can just save and share! Or you can save it locally to your reading list.

Either way, this is certainly useful for pointing out important and interesting info and leaving your own writings and annotations on the webpage (literally!), especially for former vandals and for those who likes to annotate stuff, such as students (they can annotate as much as they want on some research page)

Just in case you do not know where to annotate, just go on a webpage, click on the icon with a box and a pen on the top right hand corner and annotate away. You can customise how you want to annotate as well, such as colour etc.

Being a former vandal and person that love to write my thoughts on stuff, I am so going to abuse this feature!


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