5 reasons to stop chasing after someone who seems uninterested

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“Happiness doesn’t have to be chased… it merely has to be chosen.” – Mandy Hale

Why in the world would someone try and convince another to be with you?

Of course, at the beginning of any relationship, there ought to be some wooing going on. When we first start dating someone, it is natural for us to put in a little more effort than usual so that the other person gets the hint. However, have you wondered if you have crossed the fine line between chasing someone because you are mutually interested in a relationship with each other and convincing someone to be in a relationship with you when they are not looking for one?

Why stay with someone you know is just not interested? Would you be happy in the future for loving him so much more than he loves you?

Just like how addictive cigarettes and drugs can be, choosing someone whom you know is just not right for you contains the temporary thrills. However, it also consists of high stakes and the undeniable fact that it is bad for you – you know it.

So get it straight, they take it as a game and you should too. Get out before your game is over.

1. It is a waste of time.
Instead of spending half the day thinking of ways to keep him interested in your texts and fall for you somewhere in there, you should live your life to the greatest. Have you actually forgotten the logic that the right person would fall for you without you even having to try? When you meet the right person, you won’t have to chase after them and come out with all sorts of weird gimmicks so unlike you to try and keep up the conversations. When you meet the right person, both of you would walk together the moment you see eye-to-eye.

2. You forget about the others.
While putting in all your efforts onto chasing him, you have forgotten about the people who are not in your life just temporarily, the people that actually cares more than he does. You missed out on chances to have a hearty dinner at home, while you tries to impress him at a high-class restaurant. You miss out on treasured memories with your friends while trying to force forgettable memories into his head.

3. You will sink deeper.
Sinking deeper will make you insane. A single Whatsapp notification might meant the whole world to you but it might also become your worst nightmare. You think you are playing the game right when you receive a heartening reply, but you might not know that you are not the only one receiving the same reply from the same person. It would be exhausting, playing mind game with yourself and bothering your friends with the same old story every now and then. They are sick of hearing how he have failed to reply your Whatsapp messages for the Nth time and now spare them of it, and spare yourself at the same time.

4. You are just screwing things up further.
When you are feeling sad over the fact that you have not been speaking to each other for hours, then you would be tempted to send a second text to an unanswered one. You would probably know that at times like this it should not be the case but you would defy your own principle and do it anyway. With every failed attempt, your self-esteem goes lower. You would just get to a point where the whole situation gets unbearable for the other party. Then, prepare to get a rejection straight in the face.

5. You forget about something called fate.
You forget that with every relationship, you would need that little luck from cupid that gives both of you an equal chance and standing. If it is meant to be yours, it will be yours. Let the real moment come that needs no further explanation because it is the explanation.

Now, stop chasing love, and let love find you.