5 reasons why dating an ‘ugly’ girl is actually great

1. Appreciated
When guys date hot girls, they more often than not up have to do lots of stuff for them just to make sure they don’t get dumped the next day. With all this stress accumulating, it’s hard for the poor guy to feel worthy of their girlfriends, let alone appreciated.
On the other hand, dating ‘ugly’ girls puts the guy on the opposite side of the equation. Now it’s the girl having to do lots of stuff for the guy, and the guy just has to feel great and appreciated.

2. Great sex
Hot girls don’t really do any work on the bed; guys are more than happy to do all the work. This in itself isn’t really that bad but not that great either.
‘Ugly’ girls, however, can’t really expect guys to do all the work (even if you switch off all the lights) and have to acquire all sorts of bed tricks to keep their man happy. So what you get would be a romp under the bed sheets that would please you beyond what bedding a hot girl could possibly offer.

3. Heightened impression by others
When you see this guy holding a less attractive gal’s hand on the street, chances are that you would think of him as a genuine guy who pits personality before looks. As a result, your impression of him would be heightened and without knowing why, you would even feel like having a drink with him (okay this is exaggerated). However my point itself isn’t exaggerated: the public would have a better impression of you and you would be the good, likeable and trustworthy guy whom everyone wants as a friend.
It wouldn’t work if a girl got an ‘ugly’ guy though; all she would be viewed as is a gold digger who’s after the money. Yeah, double standards again, I know.

4. Lack of jealousy
When you’re on a date with your hot girlfriend on the streets, it’s highly likely that guys all around will sneak looks at your girl at every single turn, leaving you jealous and red-faced. And as everyone knows, jealousy isn’t exactly the smoothest of emotions to feel. However, if you’re on a date with your ‘ugly’ girlfriend on the streets, you don’t have to worry about wolfish glances anywhere and you could enjoy your day out in peace.

5. Share your interests
Hot girls don’t get hot without effort. They have to learn makeup tutorials, read the latest fashion magazines and incorporate the latest and most gorgeous hair-curling techniques into their hair, leaving little time for them to share your interests (that’s if they even care at all). ‘Ugly’ girls don’t really go through what hot girls went through, so they are more liable and open to liking guy things, like cars, football and even beer.
Just imagine; watching the Champions League Final at 2 past midnight with the one you love – I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

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