5 reasons why girls should take the initiative to confess their love


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:56 pm

It is the 21st century.

Girls are becoming more bold and guys are becoming more timid, or in the Singaporean term, Kiasi.

We all know that girls would usually place a great emphasis on “the first move” because girls these days do not like to be classified under desperate. But then, when you get to the point where you woke up having no “good morning” messages accompanied by two sunshine emoji? Don’t start complaining about it, that’s because you are not working for it, too.

Have you ever noticed? Some girls actually lose the opportunities at relationships because they think that not receiving a WhatsApp from a guy often means that he is just not into you.

There is really nothing wrong for girls to take the initiative sometimes. It is totally acceptable for girls to go after guys nowadays. It is called going after your dream and there should not be a gender barrier to it.

1. Guys find it attractive

Ask around. I bet 8 out of 10 guys would find it attractive for girls to take the initiative. This is because men are always caught up between texting back or not when they ran out of things to say. It’s a lot of work being the hunter all the time in the dating game, having a girl to make the first move would give the guys a break, and make them feel good that someone likes them enough to make the first move.


Hence, taking a step forward to start a new conversation and a new topic would definitely be appreciated by guys, whether or not they are interested in you. Maybe they are, but don’t know how. Maybe they are, but are just shy. So remember, confidence is attractive.

2. Guys would not judge it

Really, times have changed. Guys will not judge a girl if she takes the initiative to get to know him better. As long as she is not doing the same to 5 other guys at the same time, or does not get all sexual and smitten, then all is normal. I bet they would be more than happy to continue where you left off the other time and would not be afraid to end the conversation anymore, because they will be expecting something from you. With expectations, this means you guys are getting somewhere.

3. Prevent him from moving on too quickly

It is not uncommon nowadays for guys to have a few potential girls in mind before settling down on a relationship with one. So you’d probably want to respond to him eagerly and faithfully before he quickly move on to others who are more into him. That is of course if you really like him a lot and would not want to succumb to no contact for days. Are you sure you can take that?

4. Make an effort to be remembered        

Either that from the previous point, or that the guy could be too busy with his life that he had got you forgotten after you first met at *inserts first meeting place*. If you take the first step and remind him of your existence, then chances are he will not have you forgotten again, because you are one with personality.

5. Girls are better at keeping conversations

Sometimes, guys have nothing interesting to share about their life, nor have they had enough experience to keep conversations going. It is often the girls who had to come up with their dreams, their stories, and their fantasies to keep conversations going. Girls can bring you to a movie and end up having enough topics to talk about for the entire meal. Do you guys think you could do better?

So my girls, don’t hesitate liao… bring on the challenge and starting chasing your love one!

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