5 Reasons Why Some Men Are Afraid Of Beautiful Women

All guys love beautiful women. We buy FHM just to look at them, our heads turn whenever beautiful ladies pass by. There are beautiful ladies everywhere we turn.

On the train, we can’t help but keep peeking at that beautiful girl sitting opposite us. I’m sure I have given you enough examples, haven’t I?

But here’s the thing, we like looking at them but most of us never get into a relationship with them. Why is that so? Well, will you believe me if I said that most guys are afraid of beautiful women?

We hold them as something to be viewed from afar but never be achieved, just like an unfulfilled dream. Read on to find out about 5 reasons why guys are often afraid of beautiful women and beautiful ladies.


The woman might be so beautiful that she makes us feel insecure in our own looks. In the back of our mind, we will not believe that we are good enough for this woman. Just by keeping this in mind is enough to deter us from pursuing a closer relationship with them.

Fear of rejection

Somewhat related to the point I’m making above, we might fear rejection. And since we already had the thought of not being good enough for that beautiful lady, we condition our mind to believe that we will definitely be rejected and decided to give up on approaching her than suffer through the humiliation of a rejection.

Not comfortable in our own skin

This is a prevalent problem in our society today. Because we are bombarded with images of what an attractive male should be like every single day, and our Asian upbringing ensured that we don’t call ourselves handsome, we tend to think that we look ugly and are not comfortable in our own skin at all.

So when someone very attractive enters, we find ourselves out of our comfort zones and tend to clam up, or as some would say, “cat got your tongue?”

Not wanting to deal with competition

Not only does our insecurity include our own looks and hers, it can also expand to other people. What do I mean by that? The girl may be beautiful, and you guys managed to click well together. She tells you that you are an awesome guy, and she is happy spending time with you. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to go to the next step.

Why? It could be you think she has a lot of male admirers chasing after her, and you might just lose out to them because well, you ain’t that great and she’s going to see it one day. So we will rather just not get into a relationship and suffer heartache at the end of the day.

And if you plucked up your courage to go ahead, your insecurities might just act up to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you validate your belief at the end of this relationship.

Intimidated by beautiful women

Women who are beautiful seemed to be brimming with confidence and this might make them appear intimidating to men who are lacking in self-confidence. As they say, having confidence is like winning half the battle and this can be applied here too.

Work on your self-confidence and who knows, you might appear attractive to beautiful women as well.

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