5 reasons why we should all use SMS again


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:56 pm

With the technologies that we can access with our phones, hardly anyone uses SMS anymore. We have various messengers that are free (or almost free), which why nobody uses SMS anyone. However, there are some reasons why we can consider picking up SMS again.

No internet connection
Many of the free messengers require internet connection. In the case where the person you are messaging doesn’t have a mobile data, you have to communicate using SMS.

More privacy
WhatsApp and apps that are similar can be hacked into very easily. Not only that, the group chats can prevent you from controlling what you type. As such, SMS provided more security since no one can hack into your account.’

No last seen
Yes, you can disable your WhatsApp last seen function, however, there are just times that you don’t want people to know when you last saw their message or whether you have already read their messages. Therefore, SMS is better to know when you sent the message, without the extra hassle.

Apps always have this probability of getting bugs or update issues. SMS do not have this issue. Therefore in an emergency situation, it is always better to use SMS.

Sometimes, when we sign up for a fixed phone plan, the telecommunication company gives the user free SMS to use. As such, users do not have to pay for their SMS since it is essentially free.


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