5 reasons why you should sleep with your air con on at night

We all enjoy air conditioning, especially in Singapore since the weather is so hot and humid. When we need a cool breeze, we always step into a shopping mall as that is one place that has guaranteed air-conditioning. As such, why should we not on our air con at night when we sleep? Since we are almost surrounded by air con in our daily lives. Our public transport has air conditioning too.

Sleep better
When you are in a cold place, you feel sleepier. Have you ever felt sleepy after a full meal? Have you realized that most of the time you are in a cold environment? Your body is signaled to sleep when it is colder. As such, having air con on when you are trying to sleep can aid you to not only sleep faster, but also sleep better. Remember to set the timer though, as having the air conditioning on for the entire night can cause you to be sick.

There are some air cons that produce a steady and consistent hum that may aid with your sleeping. Although fans may do the same, air con are generally quieter and have a more consistent sound. Fans will oscillate and the sounder may defer and actually prevent you from sleeping (unless you are already used to it). As such, the air con may improve your sleep as it serves as a hypnotism tool.

Perspire no more
There are times when you wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what woke up, when you realized that you are too sweaty and that was probably the reason why you woke up. Well it is true that you perspire a lot in your sleep and that may cause your body to heat up and thus, you wake up. Try to sleep with an air con on, then switch to a fan (I have no idea how to do this, so I use both when I sleep) therefore when only your fan is on, you can still enjoy the cool breeze and not get affected.

Hot head
Another sleep problem is when you have a foam pillow. Since foam traps heat, so the chances of you getting a hot pillow and preventing you from sleeping is higher. Having air conditioning on will allow your pillow to cool down much faster and will not affect you.

There are some of us that have night fevers, a condition that only lets you have fevers at night. This condition can be eased slightly with air conditioning. It will cool you down and make the fevers less obvious and really helps with the condition.

In conclusion, air con is a way to help you sleep better. It is also an excuse to on air con every day.

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