5 reasons why you should wear baggy clothing

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1) They are cheaper
As compared to tight or fitting clothing that require more work and detail, baggy clothes don’t require so much effort, and thus are sold at cheaper prices. A good choice if your budget for clothes is relatively low.

2) They are more comfortable
Compared to people wearing tight clothes, people wearing baggy clothing will definitely feel more comfortable as people wearing tight clothes may find sitting and bending difficult by being too binding to the knee area. In contrast, people wearing baggy clothing have no problems walking, sitting or bending, and can do it comfortably. Plus, baggy pants may allow you to make larger strides while walking compared to tight pants.

3) They make skinny people look bigger
For you people that are skinny, but are self-conscious about it, and want to look bigger, baggy clothing was being suitable for them. This is because since baggy clothes do not really define the body contours unless tight clothes, they thus tend to make people look bigger than they actually are. Perfect for these skinny people who want to look bigger.

4) Creates a hip-hop look
Since people who dabble in hip-hop tend to wear baggy clothes so that they won’t be restricted or cause their pants to tear when they do their moves, people who wear baggy clothing, more often than not, will have this hip-hop” look and feel”. That is if you managed to mix and match their baggy clothing well.

5) No need to buy new clothes when you gain weight
Picture this: You buy some tight clothing which look fashionable and stylish on you, but a after some time, you either grow or gain weight and one day, found out that those tight clothing can’t fit you anymore. You end up having to spend some money to buy new clothes. On the other hand, if you buy baggy clothes, although you will look quite sloppy, but in the future, when you grow, get larger, or gain weight, you will still have no problems wearing the baggy clothes and do not need to spend money on new clothes.

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