5 reasons why Xiaomi is going to overthrow Samsung soon


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

The tide has turned.

Many years ago, the handphone market in Singapore has always been Nokia vs Nokia (wait, WTF?). Then it became Apple vs HTC. In recent years, it was Apple vs Samsung.

Now, brace yourself as a new battle should emerge in Singapore soon: Samsung vs Xiaomi.

In a recent Straits Times report, Samsung held 49% of the market share in Singapore for the year 2013, with Apple at 28%. Worldwide, Apple is only holding on to 15.3% of the market share.

In 2011, Apple has 36% of the Singapore market and 19% worldwide. You can see the consistent drop now.

So, why Xiaomi? Here are the top five reasons why everyone should be looking at Xiaomi here in Singapore:


It’s affordable yet powerful
Everyone knows that. If you want a number, here’s one: Let’s compare Xiaomi Redmi 4G and Samsung Galaxy S5. The specs are almost similar.  For a two-year Singtel Combo 2 (why it sounds like a Long John Sliver’s meal now?)  contract for Singtel, Xiaomi is at $48 while Samsung is at $498. Yawns. What’s new?

Xiaomi is looking to tap into the Singapore and Malaysia market
You know who is the best person to work with? Someone who is hungry. One who is hungry has drive and will provide the best. Well, Xiaomi is a new player here, and they’ve got drive. They’ve already proven with their great and witty customer service. Now, before they get complacent (if they ever), it’s the best time to get their products.

Xiaomi is cute
Say what? Erm, just look at their Facebook Page and Samsung Facebook Page.
Xiaomi: https://www.facebook.com/MiSingaporeOfficial
Samsung: https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobileSingapore
Xiaomi goes the cute direction while Samsung goes the serious direction. And cute always wins seriousness, right?

Xiaomi has got reasonably priced official accessories
A phone is naked without accessories. But we all know to get the official accessories, we could spend even more than the phone. That’s why many people buy Samsung accessories from pasar malam.
But not Xiaomi. Phone is cheap, so are accessories.

Xiaomi has ties in Singapore
Yes, Xiaomi is a China company, but a Government-linked investment company, Temasak Holdings, has invested in Xiaomi. In other words, Xiaomi does well, we do well, too. So support local lah.

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