5 scary facts about Coke that might make you stop drinking it altogether

Do you need a can of Coke to go down with your lunch or dinner every day? Well, then maybe it’s time to change your habit after reading these 5 scary facts about Coke. Not that it’s a bad soft drink, but with the Internet, it just makes Coke a tad scarier.

Coke can be used as a cleaner
That’s how powerful it is. In fact, the acid in it is so strong that if you want to remove stains from a toilet bowl, just pour a bottle of Coke into it, wait for one hour and flush it. A shitty toilet will become sparkling clean after that.
Or if you have stains on your clothes that cannot be removed, just put Coke into the washing machine together with your detergent. Your clothes will be cleaner and, erm, sweeter.

Drinking Coke every day will increase your risk of stroke and heart attack
There have been studies done to show that if one drinks Coke every single day, he or she will have 48% higher risk of getting stroke or heart attack, compared to a person who seldom or never drinks Coke. Hmmm…


One can of Coke contains 39 gram of sugar
…and one can of Coke in Singapore or Malaysia is 325 ml, which is 325 gram. In other words, that’s almost more than 10% of pure sugar. In. Your. Mouth. If you want to know how much that is, it’s roughly about ten teaspoons of sugar. Oh, it’s because of the acid that we can take this amount sugar—if not, we’ll go crazy over the sweetness.

There is caffeine in Coke
You think it’s only in coffee? Boy, how wrong you are. While it’s not as much as coffee, it can make you stay awake just like coffee, albeit not that strong.

Coke is very acidic
We’ll skip the science lesson and get to the point: Coke is more acidic than acid battery. Yeah, those batteries that we are told not to touch because it’s a biohazard. And we drink Coke.