5 secret features about Facebook Messenger that you probably didn’t know


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

Almost everyone has a Facebook profile, and most of us have, at one point in our life, used Facebook Messenger to contact our friends. After all, if we have not met someone for years and did not have his or her contact number, a Facebook profile “stalking” and a Facebook message will ensure that you reach the correct person.

Some of us even use Facebook Messenger, a separate app from the Facebook official app, as a complete substitute for other messengers like SMS or WhatsApp, and they’ve good reasons to do so—after all, everyone who has a phone has a Facebook account, and everyone who has a Facebook account knows how to use the messaging function. But…do you know that you can make calls with Facebook Messenger? Yeah. Here are the five things you might not know about this powerful, yet hiding behind the shadows of WhatsApp and WeChat, messenger!

You can make a call with Facebook Messenger
Move aside, Skype. With every Tom, Dick and Henry having a Facebook profile, and with every Tom, Dick and Henry having a smartphone with data plan, you can call every Tom, Dick and Henry if they have the Messenger app as well. Simply find them in your app, and look at the phone button on top. If it’s blue, tap it and ta-da! Internet call #FTW.

You can know where people are if they didn’t change their app setting
Imagine you’re in Boon Lay and you send a Facebook message to your friend. Do you know what he would be able to see, other than your message? “Sent from Boon Lay Resettlement Area”. And if you’re in the train, your next message will be “Sent from Jurong East”.
No kidding.
This setting is the default setting if you have GPS on for your phone. So if you don’t want stalkers to know where you are, remember to turn if off by disabling your location tags (settings for Messenger).

You can record and send a short video (15 seconds) to your friend
…and the default camera that the app use is the front-facing camera. Simply tap on the camera button below the textbox, and hold the send button. Sending voicemail is just so WhatsApp, eh?

You’re logged in forever…unless you know how to log out
Have you ever tried to log out of your Facebook Messenger? If so, you’ll remember logging out from your Facebook app and Facebook website, but realize you’re still logged in to your Facebook Messenger. And you can’t find the “log out” button anywhere. It’s because you can’t log out—the only way for you to do so is to delete the cookies in your app (which is done in your phone app setting, not on the Facebook Messenger setting itself).
Good or bad, you decide. But at least now you know people can’t hack into your account because they don’t know how to log out.

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You can mute individuals’ notifications
You can mute each individual’s notification! Putting people at the least of your priority, yet not shutting the door on them, is what makes this unique. After all, no one knows whether they’re muted. Just know that if you see that your messages are always “seen” but there’s no reply, you’re most likely the least of their priority—to the extent of the muting you.
To do that, simply tap the menu on a conversation and mute it.