5 signs that your first date has gone extremely well

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It’s good to go on a first date with zero expectations. This way, you will never be disappointed. Not all dates are good, most will suck. But there will some truly nice ones. Here’s how you can tell.

Mutual “Awesomeness”
How often do you find someone who thinks you’re awesome, who you also find just as awesome? But it’s also one of the very best things you’ll feel after nailing a first date. Few things feel better than when you both leave a date feeling better and more confident about yourself, and like there was no question of whether or not you were into each other.

Sexual Chemistry
I’m not saying your night has to end in a full-on makeout (though good for you if it does), but I’m not going to lie — by the time you part ways, you should be feeling some kind of urge to grab their face and/or other body parts. Sometimes you’ll have so much to talk about there’s no time for physical stuff to even come into the picture, but if you don’t feel any desire for physical contact, whether or not anything happens, that’s not a great sign.

Being Real
We all want to present our best selves on first dates, and sometimes that means you can force yourself to be “on” for the night, carefully offering up only your funniest stories and pretending like you don’t snort when you laugh. But on a great first date, you’ll subconsciously shed this pressure to be “on” and just start being yourself — snorts and all. When you’re being yourself, you’re free to take a genuine, honest interest in what your date has to say, as if you were catching up with a good friend. And that’s a very good sign.

Replaying the Date in your Mind
If you find yourself replaying the best parts of your date in your head long after it’s over — like when you both said the same thing at the same time, or when you both laughed at something funny the waiter did — it can feel like the best kind of daydream. A great first date will make you continually draw upon and revisit these special little moments in your head for hours or days afterward.

A Desire to be Better
A great first date will be so intoxicating it will redirect your focus from the negative parts of your life, whether that’s the job you’re struggling with or the ex you’re trying to get over. The shot of positive energy you feel just by sitting in front of this great person will force you to live in the present and make you want to improve yourself.

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