5 simple secrets to be attractive that super-attractive people won’t tell you

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Contrary to popular belief, being attractive isn’t simply just about physical aesthetics and appearance. Attractiveness is a personal conviction and – dare I say it – a lifestyle that stems profoundly from a switch in attitude and behaviour. But don’t worry, I’m not going to drone on about self-improvement and cause an existential crisis of sorts. Instead, I’m going to pinpoint 5 things that are rather essential in becoming a more pleasant and hence more attractive person – inside and out. Because well… who can deny that it is precisely the sum of our inner life and thoughts plus external mannerisms make us who we are?

A healthy body, mind and soul

Think about it: you’re lounging around the entire day while liberally watching reruns of some trashy reality show with one hand dipped into a bag of slimy potato chips… it may sound extremely inviting, but do it too much and the only rewards you’ll be reaping are greasy fingers and an acute headache, in addition to guilt due to your lack of productivity. So what’s a person to do? Fight it, of course! Get out and about and exercise.


There’s a plethora of different exercise options out there – all with their respective benefits. Take yoga, for example – it focuses less on the intensity of movement but rather how you transition from one pose to the next. So when you do yoga, you zoom in on your breath and core strength – putting you in a transcendental zen mode WHILE working your (mostly) unused muscles, making you stronger physically and mentally.

Fitness lessons like these are undeniably expensive, but there are ways to work around this! For yoga (or any fitness lesson in general), you can easily sign up for package lessons at heavily discounted prices through Groupon. I personally suggest going to different yoga studios using their respective Groupon deals to experiment and see which yoga style you like the best! You also get greater savings anyway.

For example, you can take a 4 lesson yoga class at True Fitness for only $28 instead of $152! Or perhaps you’ll want to go for Reformer Pilates lessons for only $98 instead of $316? Sure. Check these deals out on Groupon!


On the other hand, cardio activities like long distance running is a fantastic way to keep fit, stay smart and boost productivity – qualities deemed by many to be attractive ones! The sense of immense satisfaction you get after a good run is inimitable. Don’t fight it, join it.

The most important tool you can get for yourself while you run is definitely a good pair of running shoes. The type you should get really depends on what you’re looking for. Check out Lazada Singapore’s sports section as they sell a variety at discounted prices.

This pair from Adidas is only $69.90 and are incredibly durable and a breeze to run with. Alternatively, get this pair if you want to feel utterly free from weight as you run. Just remember to click Lazada through ShopBack if you want to get cashback!

A good skincare routine

facial-productstumblr.com (diptyque-skincare)

Very few people in the world are truly blessed with good, blemish-free skin. I personally suffered (and am still suffering!) from acne — oh, such a gift from the gods. But there’s no doubt that having a clear facial canvas really affects your self-confidence and therefore the impression you leave on people. Even if you don’t have naturally clear skin, there’s no reason why you should let your genetics stop you from getting the best skin you can!

Here are a few tips:

If you have oily skin, use a gel-based cleanser that won’t strip moisture from your skin, hence prompting your skin to secrete even more oil. A good pick would be Mario Badescu’s range of skincare that you can get from Luxola.


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Bumpy, comedone-filled (that’s the small raised bumps without pus!) skin? Your best bet would be a skin cleanser that gently exfoliates your skin and evens out the texture. A cheaper alternative to the popular Clarisonic would be the Olay Regenerist from Luxola or Lazada.face-cleanser

Moisturise EVERY DAY. Any moisturiser will do, but do give facial oils a go – it may feel funny at first, but the benefits are numerous! For example, the Mario Badescu rosehip moisturising oil from Luxola (any rosehip oil is good as well!) is perfect for both your skin and hair, removing scars and improving hair texture respectively.

Confidence and self-assurance

If you’ve noticed, the most confident and self-assured people tend to have an extremely magnetic aura. They are attractive precisely because they know they are. This tip is the most challenging one because it begins from the inside. How does one become confident?


Exactly. Do things that are utterly foreign and unfamiliar to you. You’ll stumble, but you’ll learn – and that’s exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re willing to try new things and fail spectacularly for the first time, you’ll be more capable of learning from your mistakes by taking it in your stride and laughing it off. Mistakes don’t bother self-assured people because they know a greater reward comes from making it – experience and in turn, confidence.

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A kick ass personality


The timeless author Roald Dahl has indeed said it well (it’s a quote from his book The Twits!). Think positively of yourself and others and try to eliminate toxic thoughts from your head. You’ll start to see the good in other people – no matter how mere or little they might seem. It will ultimately manifest in your actions and you’ll see yourself becoming a better and more attractive person! I mean, who would want to hang out with a person who’s constantly gossiping, complaining, and just downright negative, right? So hey! You! Don’t be that person.


Sense of personal style

Kirsties Vintage Homeraisetheroofproductions.com

I know, style is extremely subjective and can be a touchy issue. But really, what we’re looking for here is YOUR own sense of personal style. Basically, you can wear anything you deem fancy or appropriate as long as you feel amazing in it. And because you think great about yourself (see point 4 above again!), you’ll naturally look lovely on the outside.

asosFrom ASOS

Take your pick of the whole plethora of outfits out there – I recommend ASOS and ZALORA just because of the massive collection of clothing choices that’s bound to catch your eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re into the normcore craze or if you’re someone who loves bright, bold patterns. Just wear you, and be you!

Basically, attractiveness is being yourself… but better! It is indeed cliche, but attractiveness is achievable for anyone. Just seeking out ways to improve yourself does wonders for your self-esteem – something people out there will definitely notice. Best of all, it’s good for you. Because we tend to project our own expectations of ourselves and others externally in the form of our behaviour and actions, you’ll find your world a more pleasant and welcoming place to be in – just because you are!