5 simple tricks to turn 24 hours a day into 48 hours a day—and they work like magic!


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Time has never been enough for almost everybody, especially during a busy era like ours. We often find ourselves with too little time and too much to do, so much so that we do not enjoy our daily lives like how we have always imagined. Here are a few ways for making the best use of our time every day.

Wake up earlier than usual
If you wake up at 7am daily, try waking up at 6am instead. Waking up earlier enables you to get more work done with the least distractions. Revision can be done better because of the lack of noise. We can also reserve time for exercise and planning for the day ahead. We also do not need to waste time waiting for our turns at the bathroom because the bathroom is all yours!

Sleep earlier regularly
If you often sleep at 1am, try sleeping at 11pm instead. Sleeping later because you want to finish your work may sound very productive. However, it is in fact counterproductive as you are putting more effort when your daily energy levels are the lowest and your circadian rhythm will be out of sync, putting you at greater risk for developing diseases such as diabetes, obesity and depression. Setting up a regular sleeping schedule for both weekdays and weekends alike makes sure that you go to bed when you truly feel tired and wake up feeling revitalised the next day morning.

Good time management
We should all divide our daily work into urgent and non-urgent work and manage from there. Aim to finish all the urgent work before starting to do the non-urgent ones. Aim to finish the work that can be done quicker than others. Contrary to popular belief, most work is meant to and can be completed within office hours. Trying to work beyond office hours is especially challenging and unproductive as most people are uncontactable for work by then and office documents and materials may not be accessible at home. Furthermore, after office hours are better spent with our friends and families taking meals and engaging in sports and hobbies. Our 24 hours per day is best divided into 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure and 8 hours of sleep.

Do not mix work with leisure
Unless you are one of the few fortunate ones whose work is their leisure, when it is time to work, concentrate on working. Try refraining from checking Facebook, watching that YouTube video or chit-chatting with others while studying or finishing an assignment. That way, our learning mechanism and flow of thoughts will not be interrupted and we will be able to finish our work much faster, leaving us with more time to do things that we like. Work smart and play hard.

Get a powernap
Catch a 15-30-minute powernap after your lunch if you are prone to feeling sleepy during the afternoons at work. Although appearing counterproductive, a powernap actually gives us a good boost in energy and alertness to do our work in the afternoon. So the next time when you feel too sleepy at work, request for a 15-minute timeout to have some shut-eye and be amazed at how much more efficient you are after that. However, do bear in mind that a powernap longer than 30 minutes will make us groggy afterwards instead.


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