5 simple yet effective ways to boost your energy levels without reaching for a quick caffeine fix

Keep yourself going through the day with these smart, energy-boosting tips. When you hit that 3pm mid-afternoon slump, chances are you’ll be tempted to reach for a quick coffee fix. Don’t just rely on a 5-cups-a-day habit to keep yourself awake, try out these moves for a midday push of energy.


Sneak in some exercise
A quick 20 to 30 minute work-out session may be just what you need to pick your tired bones up. Stash a pair of runners at work and fit in a half an hour jog or power walk around the block during your lunch break. Alternatively, if yoga or pilates are more your thing, many gyms and fitness centres offer express lunchtime sessions. If you have a two year old child to look after, invest in a good pram so you can take your baby for a brisk walk or midday run around the park with you.

Cook with your kids
Spend quality time with the young ones by getting the kids involved with making their own dishes and snacks, and start creating delicious and healthy meals together. This will encourage good eating habits and can be educational at the same time. You can teach them the basics of food preparation such as washing and peeling veggies, and even come up with some recipes that the whole family can try out together. Having this midday time-out with your little ones can work wonders at perking you up, and as a bonus, you’ll have a lovely meal to savour at the end of it!

Turn up the volume and get moving
Who says household chores have to be a bore? Playing your favourite music while doing mundane chores at home can make the experience much less duller, and get the kids involved if you’d like them to cultivate good homekeeping habits! If you’re in the office, taking a short break to stretch, or even walking to the pantry and back could help you eradicate drowsiness – just do it with a pair of headphones on and your favourite music coming through. Plus, if you look like you’re plugged in, fewer people will be inclined to drag you in for an impromptu work discussion that you can do without.

Eat well
A well balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, proteins and lots of fruit and veggies is the secret to feeling and looking great. While it is fine to indulge in a decadent dessert once in a while, try to avoid binge snacking on chips and cookies, that will cause your sugar levels to spike and crash. Choose instead, a healthy snack such as fresh fruit or cheeses and nuts instead that can give you an energy boost without a dose of lethargy.

If you are constantly feeling run down, take Essence of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex Iron daily to perk yourself up. These easy-to-swallow tablets are fortified with Vitamin B Complex and Iron to increase your mental alertness and boost your energy levels. Vitamin B complex promotes energy production to support brain function and a healthy nervous system, boosting your metabolism and helping you to shoulder a heavy mental workload. They also contain iron which helps in the formation of haemoglobin in red blood cells to transport oxygen to your brain and all around your body, so you stay energetic and at your best.

Plant a garden
There’s nothing quite like some fresh air and warm sunshine to wake you up. If you have a backyard, plant a little veggie or herb garden that you can tend to daily. You can even have a little windowsill garden or even a tabletop plant at your work desk that you’ll take breaks to care for. Having a little hobby can calm your mind and remove distractions, and as you watch the fruit of your labour grow, you are sure to feel a sense of satisfaction.

Top Image: Rachata Teyparsit / Shutterstock.com


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