5 smartphone trends to follow this 2015


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Unless you know what a “polyphonic ringtone” is, you might not know that trends like “Right Here Waiting” or “Only Love” were un-un-un-believably hot. Those were the days when everyone followed a trend machiam a cult—you either belong to “Right Here Waiting” or “Only Love”. How about now, in 2015? What are the trends then?

1. Big Screen
The bigger the screen, the better it is. And I’m talking about the screen, so it doesn’t includes the bezel beside it. Just take a look at my phone , an OPPO R5:
The screen almost takes the entire phone surface area, which is exactly what I meant by “big screen”. So, what’s the big deal about big screen? Long ago, people used phones to communicate. Now? People use phones to watch the latest episode of Running Man. Communication becomes the second priority.

2. Fast charging
Remember this article “Charging your smartphone to 100% within 30 seconds is now a reality!”? It was shared over 8,000 times—in other words, people are really interested in phones that can charge damn fast. Even I’m a little complacent now; as my phone has a rapid charging system, I’ve become accustomed to having a fully charged phone in less than 45 minutes. If you’re still charging your phone after two hours, then you might not be trendy enough!

3. Fast data
What if I tell you 4G was only provided about 2 years ago? And that 5G is coming soon? The trend now is to be fast—doesn’t matter that we can’t feel the difference (admit that you can’t feel the difference between 3G, 4G and Wi-fi!)—you just need to be fast. Fast!

4. Integration with other wearable
Lest you think wearing a Casio calculator watch makes you look high-tech, think again: your watch can now be used to make a call, surf the net and even be used as a GPS. Wearable technology that connects to your phone via Bluetooth is the next big thing—and I’ve yet to talk about Google Glass yet leh.

5. Selfie functions that is beyond just a front-facing camera
A smartphone without a front-facing camera is not a smartphone—it’s an old-fashioned phone waiting to be replaced. But now, the trend is a smartphone that takes good selfie: one that allows you to edit before, during and after your selfie.
Like it or not, selfie is here to stay, so are the functions that are improving with each smartphone generation. While I’m not using one, I do know that there’s an Oppo N3 that has a swivel camera, so you are effectively using the back camera (that is usually higher quality) for your selfie. Now, that’s what good selfie is all about.


The Oppo R5 was sponsored by Oppo for Low Kay Hwa. However, all articles are not influenced by the firm and are completely impartial. 

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